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Moisture is the enemy when it comes to good electrical connections for cords operating trailer or wagon lights and brakes. Head off deterioration by adding a simple storage cap that readily fits on any implement in minutes.

The most vulnerable parts of seven-pole plugs are the steel screws that hold the wires inside each of the seven brass connectors. When a cord is left dangling, it becomes a perfect vertical channel to lead rainwater directly into the plug. When that moisture combines with road dust, it can quickly and thoroughly corrode the steel screws and reduce the effectiveness of the connection.

Put A Bracket On All Implements

Every towed implement should have a plug caddy (bracket). Plus, it should be standard procedure for every driver to return the connecting plug into this caddy when disconnecting from a trailer or implement. As an added bonus, the bracket prevents cords from being dragged down the road in the event that there is no plug-in on the tow vehicle.

The Cole Hersee plug caddy (or plug bracket) is available as a replacement part from most farm equipment dealerships or from heavy truck parts suppliers.

Tending To Connectors

Wagon-to-wagon connections utilize a different kind of receptacle. And this receptacle is often used as an electrical junction point for both wagons. As such, corrosion on the terminals of the socket can easily disable the lighting on both wagons. To avoid this, utilize a Cole Hersee seven-pole plastic receptacle. Many manufacturers use this receptacle as original equipment because its glass-filled plastic body is resistant to corrosion.

The part numbers are CH 12080-01 for the seven-pole socket with split brass pins and CH 11178 for the protective rubber boot covering the terminal end.

Always Solder Connections

Finally, when joining wires and connectors, only use soldered connections. Twist-type wire nuts are fine for the wiring inside your shop but have no place on a 12-volt outdoor system. When soldering, place the hot end of the soldering gun under the connection and hold the solder against the top of the wire bundle.

When the connection is hot enough, the solder will flow down and toward the heat, making an excellent connection. This connection is also durable enough that it will withstand the rugged use found in farming.  

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