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Cummins QSL9 at World Ag Expo

Agriculture.com Staff 02/13/2012 @ 1:59pm

Cummins Inc. will feature the QSL9 engine with up to 400-hp (298 kW) output at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Feb. 14-16, ready to meet the 2014 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final near-zero emissions standards with a next-generation Cummins Compact Catalyst and Selective Catalytic Reduction (CCC-SCR) aftertreatment system.

The QSL9 retains its power output for Tier 4 Final, with 400-hp (298 kW) peak power at 2200 rpm. A broad range of ratings are available, down to 230 hp (172 kW), making this engine an ideal fit for agricultural applications. The QSL9 makes no performance compromises in order to meet near-zero emissions levels, retaining the faster engine response and reliability proven by the Tier 4 Interim engine.

The CCC-SCR aftertreatment provides a fully passive, flow-through operation and also enables the QSL9 to further improve fuel efficiency over the current engine. At 2011 emissions levels, the QSL9 engine is capable of achieving up to 5 percent improved fuel efficiency, depending on duty cycle and machine optimization. With the CCC-SCR system, fuel efficiency can be further increased for 2014 Tier 4 Final by an additional 3 percent.

The ultra-clean CCC-SCR aftertreatment system is specifically configured for a highly compact and flexible equipment installation. The Cummins Compact Catalyst, currently used for Tier 4 Interim ratings below 174 hp (130 kW), is significantly smaller than a particulate filter, offering a substantial benefit for increasingly space-constrained equipment installations. 

At Tier 4 Interim, this space-saving advantage has been especially important for four-cylinder engine applications - but looking ahead to Tier 4 Final, the need to minimize space claim moves beyond this to the six-cylinder QSB6.7 and QSL9 MidRange platforms.

Pre-Designed For Final 

The QSL9 on display at the World Ag Expo ready for Tier 4 Final emissions standards in 2014 is almost identical to the engine introduced to meet the 2011 Tier 4 Interim regulations. This ability to move forward to meet near-zero emissions standards is pre-designed into the existing engine platform, with no significant change required for engine systems or installation profile.

With performance-enhancing engine systems such as Cummins VGT(TM) Turbocharger and the High Pressure Common Rail fuel system, the QSL9 engine continues to equal the power productivity of higher-displacement engines.

CCC-SCR Ultra-Clean Aftertreatment 

To meet Tier 4 Final, Particulate Matter (PM) reduces to 0.02 g/kW-hr and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) reduce to 0.40 g/kW-hr. Compared with Tier 3 emissions levels, this represents a 90 percent reduction for both PM and NOx.

The next-generation CCC-SCR system will be utilized by Cummins four-cylinder engines and the QSB6.7 and QSL9 engines to offer a common aftertreatment solution from 75 hp to 400 hp (56 kW to 298 kW) with modular sizing. 

The SCR system is a next-generation design incorporating a copper zeolite-based catalyst capable of up to 95 percent NOx conversion and able to operate more efficiently at lower temperatures. The system features advanced sensors to provide full closed-loop control. AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dosing levels are minimized due to an enhanced mixing technique. 

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