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Fendt Unveils 800 and 900 Series Tractors

Updated: 08/01/2014 @ 12:58pm

Fendt introduces the new 800 and 900 series tractor lines, two four-model families designed to increase efficiency and productivity.

“The new six-cylinder Tier 4 Final engines in these lines offer growers more horsepower, better torque curves, and improved fuel efficiency, all the while meeting and exceeding today’s stringent clean-air standards,” says Conor Bergin, Fendt.

The 800 series is made up of the 822 (220 hp.), 824 (240 hp.), 826 (260 hp.), and 828 (280 hp.). The 900 series family includes the 927 (270 hp.), 930 (300 hp.), 933 (330 hp.), and 936 (360 hp., available only in Canada).


More efficient power
The engines feature twin turbochargers for optimum low- and high-speed intake air boost, improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. A three-pump fuel injection system maintains 29,000-psi pressure in the common rail, which feeds fuel injectors capable of multiple discharges of properly atomized fuel per ignition.

These power plants use a combination of selective catalyst reduction (SCR), cooled exhaust gas recirculation (cEGR), and a coated soot filter (CSF) to meet Tier 4 Final emissions. New diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks are integrated conveniently into the fuel tanks. 

Up front, a new and enhanced cooling package includes the engine radiator, a transmission oil cooler, an intermediate intercooler for the twin turbochargers, the intercooler itself, and the air-conditioning condenser. All are located ahead of the engine under a new hood with an increased opening angle for easy access and maintenance.

High-efficiency hydraulics
The new hydraulic system offers 40- to 54-gpm flow. The 800 and 900 systems feature double-connect-under-pressure couplings with new sealing gaskets and a pressure sensor in the return-flow filter. The hydraulic oil change interval has been raised to 2,000 operating hours or two years, to reduce maintenance. The 900 series also receives a new central control block for its system. “When we enhanced the hydraulic system, our engineers eliminated the auxiliary power steering pump and powered that system with the main hydraulic pump instead,” explains Bergin. “This small change reduced parasitic losses by 2.7 hp.”

Grower options
Both series feature an optional front three-point hitch with position control and load relief control. The system is controlled through the Varioterminal in the cab. You can opt for the factory-installed front PTO, which turns a 21-spline shaft counterclockwise at 1,000 rpm.

Operators who select flange axles can also add the VarioGrip system, which allows you to adjust front and rear tire pressures from the cab. The system uses the vehicle’s own valve and air-guiding assemblies to supply increased or decreased pressures through proprietary durable radial rotary unions on the front and rear axles. Two pressure settings for the front and rear axles can be saved in the Varioterminal and recalled later, allowing you to run low pressures in the field and higher pressures on the road.

Cab upgrades
The Varioterminal 10.4-B is the second generation of touchscreen terminals from Fendt. The 10.4-inch screen has a smartphone look and feel. From the Varioterminal, you can monitor up to four applications simultaneously and can connect two color cameras.

Creature features include an improved seat design, redesigned dash display, mobile phone bracket, and heated, laminated windshield.

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