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John Deere Unveils 9R/9RT Tractors

Updated: 08/25/2014 @ 1:52pm

John Deere’s highest horsepower tractors receive some serious upgrades for 2015, including an innovative suspension system, more horsepower, and increased hydraulic capacity. The 9R/9RT lineup includes 10 models with wheels and six tracked models.

“This is the largest expansion of our top-line four-wheel-drive and track tractor series in company history,” says Jerry Griffith, John Deere. “From 370 to 620 horsepower, the 9R/9RT series provides the most powerful, versatile, and durable four-wheel-drive and high-horsepower track tractors designed to handle the widest range of farming operations and extreme-duty applications.

HydraCushion suspension

In the past, to reduce road lope and power hop, you would increase the tire pressure on your tractor and/or add ballast. This would fix the problem, but it would take you additional time and increase compaction in the field. With John Deere’s new HydraCushion Suspension system, you can reduce power hop and road lope by simply pushing a button inside the cab.

HydraCushion Suspension is the only front-axle suspension system in four-wheel-drive tractors. The system works by using a hydraulic cylinder to separate the axle from the front wheels. There are three modes: auto, maximum, and manual. Auto is the preferred method because the system will automatically adjust to the conditions. In maximum you have a rigid suspension with no travel. And with manual, you can manually raise and lower the suspension system.

The new suspension system will come as standard equipment on the top three wheeled models in the 9R lineup, the 9520R, 9570R, and 9620R.

Power Source

The 9R/9RT lineup will be powered by three engines: the John Deere Power Tech PSS 9-liter and 13.5-liter engine in the small to mid-range models and the 15-liter Cummins QSX15 engine in the top models. All engines are Tier 4 Final and deliver reliable horsepower and torque required for increased machine performance. All three engines share a common technology approach to meet the near-zero emissions regulation, resulting in a 3% to 5% increase in fluid efficiency.

“With the addition of the 15-liter to the 9-liter and 13.5-liter engine lineup, this brings an ideal range of displacement options to the 9R/9RT family with rated power reaching a new height of 620 horsepower, the largest tractor we’ve ever built,” says Griffith.

Hydraulic Capacity

Standard flow on the 9R models is increased to 59 fpm with the option of a 115-fpm high flow. Up to eight selective control valves are available.

Active Command Steering

A new optional feature is Active Command Steering, which is designed to reduce steering effort. The system provides improved line hold and steering feel at transport speeds and makes it easier to take tight turns in the field.

E18 PowerShift

The new E18 PowerShift Transmission with efficiency manager can operate in three modes: auto, custom, and manual. In automatic mode you set the speed command, and the efficiency manager picks the optimal engine setting and rpm for efficiency.

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