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Hope they've fixed some of the 2010 problems in th 08/07/2010 @ 11:38am I bought a new 800XP in April - like the machine but having a hard time getting the problems fixed. Passenger seat gets so hot it's unbearable to sit on - Polaris dealers shop idled it in the shade and temp of seat top was 109F and bottom was 170F! Tired of piling blankets on seat to ride there. Took it to CO, going down mountains we learned no engine braking so it 'freewheels' when you let off gas. Bad enough but when you want it to go back into gear you touch the gas, it jerks and locks up the back axle so you slide - NOT a good thing coming down off a 13000 ft peak! Polaris says, "Too bad - live with it". Same with the hot seat - like to see one of them ride there for more than 20 minutes! I did a lot of shopping before I went with Polaris, now I'm wondering if I made the right choice. Sure am not impressed with their warranty. Local shop is doing what it can but the locking up and sliding bit is dangerous and could cause a real problem if someone is not expecting it or doesn't know how to deal with it. For the money, I could almost have bought two other brand similar machines - at least then I'd have a spare when the one goes to pot!

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