Diesel Feed Pellet Mill

10/09/2013 @ 2:20am

Diesel Feed Pellet Mill Introduction
Diesel flat die pellet mill is driven by a diesel engine, together with gearbox to change its speedThis diesel type feed pellet mill can run smoothly with little noise and is especially popular in the electricity lacking areasDiesel feed pellet mill is capable to process corn, wheat, grass powder, straw powder,etc into feed pellets for rabbits, chicken, sheep, fish, shrimp and so onIt is especially applicable to medium or small size feed-process factory and farm-holders; while for large scale feed pellets prodcution, ring die feed pellet machine is your best choice.

Diesel Feed Pellet Press Advantages
1.For power feed and grass meal processing, no (or little) liquid additives need to be added for granulationSo the formed feed pellets moisture content is basically is equal to to pre-pelleting level.
2.Structured with high quality alloy steel, extent roller using life, adapt to different materials, ensure the suppression effect.
3.Feed Pellets made by diesel feed pellet mill have high hardness, smooth surface, fully degree of internal maturationIt can not only improve the digestion and absorption of nutriment, but kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, obtained higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.
4.Simple structure, wide applicability, small floor coverage, low noise.

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