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With the amount of money you've invested in your combine, you want a machine that will deliver come harvesttime. To get the most out of this six-figure investment, you can utilize performance kits or add-ons to enhance your productivity.

"Depending on the kits installed, performance enhancement kits can help you maximize yields, become more efficient while harvesting, and feel less fatigued," says Joe Cook of John Deere.

An enhancement to Wade Gottfried meant being able to unload his combine on-the-go. Gottfried, who farms near Upper Sandusky, Ohio, installed a 3-foot extension kit on his unloading auger.

"We didn't want to have to stop to unload the combine. So we invested in an extension kit to be able to unload on-the-go," says Gottfried. He says it's an investment that's saved his farming operation valuable time during harvest.

The type of performance kit you purchase will depend on the operating conditions and the type of crops you grow. With a variety of kits available - such as a trough liner kit, a sidehill performance kit, a battery boost cable kit, and a cob deflector kit - how do you decide what will provide you with the best end result?

"You should take a look at the productivity savings you would have by adding a kit," says Leo Bose of Case IH. "For example, look at how many days it takes to harvest. Will a kit reduce the time spent in the field?"

Cook agrees and says you should be thinking of some of the common tasks that require costly time during harvest or procedures that can cause extra strain and fatigue.

"Products such as the automatic lubrication system can eliminate the time required for manual lubrication of the combine. The feederhouse drum stop height adjustment kit and cob deflector kit take out the hassle of using tools for adjustment and provide an easy lever/retaining pin adjustment," Cook says.

Think about the areas of your machine that experience high wear from abrasive crops and soil. "In this case, you should look at extended-wear concaves and high-wear threshing elements and tines," Cook says.

Or maybe you're noticing lost grain due to leaks in the clean grain auger troughs or in the unloading auger charge housing.

"Stainless steel auger troughs and the unloading auger charge housing repair kit would be perfect remedies," he notes.

Like performance enhancement kits, maintenance and repair kits will accomplish the same goals of increasing component wear life, maximizing yields, and adding operator convenience.

"A good example would be the knifeback repair kit for 600 and 900 Series platforms that allows you to fix and splice a broken knifeback in the field," Cook says. "One of the great benefits of the repair kit is that you are certain in knowing all of the correct parts and hardware are present to complete the job correctly."

Some manufacturers like Deere have recently introduced a feederhouse drum ring repair kit, which allows you to replace worn feederhouse drum rings without having to purchase an entirely new drum.

"Or, for example, let's say you damage the bottom of your platform tilt channels on a 600 Series rigid platform," says Cook. "Our new 600R tilt channel kit allows you to replace damaged tilt channels without having to purchase a new platform."

Repair kits offer options for you to keep your combine or header in solid shape without having to pay for entirely new components.

Identify tasks that take away from productivity. And look for those areas within the combine that could be updated to help increase yields and increase harvest efficiency.

But before you make the investment in any type of kit, Bose says you need to look at how any performance add-on will affect your bottom line. Will it enable you to put more money in your pocket?

With the amount of money you've invested in your combine, you want a machine that will deliver come harvesttime. To get the most out of this six-figure investment, you can utilize performance kits or add-ons to enhance your productivity.

Protect the chaffer area of your combine with an easy-to-adjust cob deflector kit. Device allows you to remove one pin and rotate the handle to improve airflow in small grain crops. This kit eliminates the need to unbolt and remove the deflector.

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