Agriculture Online - Renewable Energy Renewable energy news and updates. Find articles on biodiesel, ethanol, wind energy, biomass, new technology, green energy and more. Get information from rewnewable energy experts and other farmers. en-us Copyright Successful Farming Friday Apr 18 22:02:38 EDT 2014 150 30 30 Turning weeds into ethanol - why not? The Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign looked at another option for ethanol production – weeds. Tuesday Dec 17 16:00:41 EST 2013 Cellulosic plants finally hit higher volume Wednesday Sep 04 16:41:24 EDT 2013 E15 taking baby steps forward Wednesday Sep 04 16:08:33 EDT 2013 Regulation recommendations so biofuel plants don’t become weeds Regulation recommendations so biofuel plants don’t become weeds Tuesday Mar 26 15:59:59 EDT 2013 What's a wind farm worth? Monday Mar 04 16:49:37 EST 2013 Ethanol news flows at Commodity Classic Friday Mar 01 15:58:03 EST 2013 Plans for cellulosic ethanol on track Eventually, cellulosic ethanol will gain a market. Wednesday Dec 05 16:07:52 EST 2012 Ethanol tops out Biorefining limps along, overproduces. But the glory days of growth are over. Friday Nov 16 14:12:20 EST 2012 Ethanol tops out Friday Oct 26 12:24:06 EDT 2012 Cellulosic ethanol plans on track Tuesday Jun 26 14:12:57 EDT 2012 Ethanol remains 'bright spot' in global economy Tuesday Jun 26 10:35:09 EDT 2012 Wind energy powers ahead in 2012 Tuesday Feb 07 16:24:09 EST 2012 Biomass ethanol plants growing in Iowa Tuesday Jul 19 11:12:56 EDT 2011 From stover to cellulosic ethanol Here's an inside look at how cellulosic ethanol is made. Monday Feb 07 12:07:33 EST 2011 Switchgrass maps The genetic map of switchgrass could boost its worth for energy. Wednesday Jan 26 10:06:24 EST 2011 Cows may hold the key to biofuels Genes from the bacteria in a cow’s rumen may provide a new way to convert corn stover into biofuel. Wednesday Jan 26 10:03:54 EST 2011 EPA E15 decision gets mixed reviews Wednesday Oct 13 16:11:38 EDT 2010 Farmers and wind energy Farmers share in the general public's interest in producing energy from the wind. A few farmers may want to "get off the grid,” that is, rely on their own wind turbine to generate farm power and disconnect the power lines from the electric utility company Friday Jul 09 00:00:00 EDT 2010 Biodiesel has strong support in Iowa, study shows Nearly 7 out of 10 Iowa voters say they want legislation to ensure the state's diesel fuel supply includes 5% biodiesel (B5), according to a new report. Thursday Jan 28 15:25:00 EST 2010 Iowa biofuels industry nervously awaits EPA's fuel rules The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association drew an impressive roster of speakers to cheer on a recovering ethanol industry and a stalled out biodiesel sector at its annual summit in Des Moines Iowa, Monday. Monday Jan 25 14:47:00 EST 2010 Raising biomass crops? Here's help from Uncle Sam If you're interested in raising crops for biomass, there's a little-known federal program that can help you shoulder some of the financial risk in making the switch from program to energy crops. Thursday Jan 21 13:53:00 EST 2010 EPA expects to approve new ethanol blend by mid-2010 In a letter sent to the ethanol lobbying group, Growth Energy, the EPA has announced that preliminary testing of 15% ethanol blends shows the higher ethanol content seems to work well in cars built after 2001 and the agency is likely to approve E15 "in the Tuesday Dec 01 09:58:00 EST 2009 Ethanol corn demand is back It's no secret that ethanol is a big force in the corn market. In fact, projected use by the industry will be about twice as big as the corn export market in the 2009-2010 marketing year. Wednesday Nov 18 15:57:00 EST 2009 EPA releases preliminary biofuel requirements, industry reacts As required by the 2007 energy bill, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Tuesday released a preliminary rule on how biofuels must meet requirements to lower greenhouse gases. Tuesday May 05 14:34:00 EDT 2009 Pair of new ethanol groups seek to right troubled industry Calls for a unified ethanol industry earlier this week unfolded into the announcements of the formation of two new industry organizations. Wednesday Feb 25 11:39:00 EST 2009 Publication ranks 'hottest' biofuels companies Cellulosic ethanol pioneer Coskata took the number-one spot in the "50 Hottest Companies in Bioenergy" rankings for 2008-2009, published this week in Biofuels Digest, a bioenergy news service. The list, publishers say, recognizes innovation and achievement Tuesday Dec 23 12:46:00 EST 2008 Company unveils energy-only crops Ceres, Inc. announced last week it has begun booking switchgrass and high-biomass sorghum seed under its Blade Energy Crops label. The launch marks the first seed sales of non-food, low-carbon crops developed specifically as raw materials for biofuels and Tuesday Dec 16 12:50:00 EST 2008 POET puts out the call for cobs With about a dozen farm equipment companies set to demonstrate the latest technology for harvesting corn cobs, ethanol maker POET planned to ramp up its commercialization of cellulosic ethanol Thursday at its plant in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Friday Nov 07 14:32:00 EST 2008 Will 2009 go down as 'The Year of Ethanol?' Despite tortuous market conditions for the industry in recent months, the ethanol industry continues strides of growth that will ultimately position the fuel as the "largest supplier of energy in this country," say industry leaders. All in all, look for a Monday Oct 20 15:55:00 EDT 2008 Ethanol plants may be in 'deep jeopardy' Riding closely on the coattails of the macroeconomic meltdown underway in the U.S., the ethanol industry, some say, could be in "deep jeopardy." Beyond today's general economic malaise, more specific market factors like the prices for crude oil and cash co Wednesday Oct 08 13:50:00 EDT 2008