Agriculture Online - Wheat Wheat news and updates, from planting to harvest. Find articles on agronomic practices, pest control, wheat fertilizer, tillage, harvesting, grain storage and more. Get updates on wheat by interacting with experts and other wheat farmers. en-us Copyright Successful Farming Saturday Apr 19 05:48:15 EDT 2014 150 30 30 Freeze Could Hit Hard Red Winter Wheat Fields The condition of the hard red winter wheat crop in the states of Oklahoma and Kansas is precarious after temperatures dropped below freezing April 14-15. July Hard Red Winter wheat futures settled up 23 cents at the Chicago Board of Trade on April 15, due Wednesday Apr 16 10:35:07 EDT 2014 Top Forage Winter Wheat Top Forage Winter Wheat Monday Apr 07 14:55:59 EDT 2014 Topdress Wheat by Feekes Growth Stage 5 Now that the wheat crop is beginning to green up and grow, farmers are scurrying to apply a post-winter application of nitrogen fertilizer, a practice commonly called topdressing. Tuesday Apr 01 13:42:34 EDT 2014 Good stewardship = Great premiums? Melvin Hall makes the final adjustments on the 54-foot single-pass no-till air drill he’s using to directly seed hard red winter wheat into spring wheat stubble. Friday Mar 07 16:07:46 EST 2014 Top secrets: 100-bushel wheat To be honest, all growers don’t get 100 bushels an acre. In the whole state of Kentucky, the average yield is just about 80 bushels. Friday Mar 07 15:35:08 EST 2014 5 ways to produce winning wheat yields Over the past 25 years, brothers Brad and Chuck Minton, Hopkinsville, Kentucky, have been able to produce record wheat yields. Friday Mar 07 15:28:36 EST 2014 Will winter wheat survive the cold? Friday Feb 07 12:04:25 EST 2014 Wheat champ pushes yields Sound Seed Selection and Fertility Program Make the Difference. Wednesday Dec 18 08:50:19 EST 2013 U.S now Brazil's #1 wheat supplier Wheat prices have been steadily rising over the last few months. If realized, increased purchases from Brazil could provide more upside for U.S. wheat prices. Thursday Dec 12 16:12:34 EST 2013 Climate change may affect wheat yields Wednesday Sep 04 15:33:37 EDT 2013 Wheat Wheat is a type of grass grown all over the world for its highly nutritious and useful grain. It is one of the top three most produced crops in the world, along with corn and rice. Wheat has been cultivated Friday Aug 30 00:18:02 EDT 2013 Wheat Diseases, Starter Fertilizer, and Rattlesnakes in One Afternoon Starter Fertilizer, sulfur deficiencies, predator insects Sunday Jun 30 00:00:00 EDT 2013 Precision Ag For Weed Control Thursday May 30 18:58:59 EDT 2013 What They’re Saying About Roundup Ready Wheat Surfacing in Oregon Thursday May 30 15:26:51 EDT 2013 Hybrid wheat's comeback Monday Mar 11 14:31:55 EDT 2013 Fertilizing wheat? Know before you go Tuesday Mar 05 12:47:42 EST 2013 Time to topdress droughty wheat? Thursday Feb 28 17:01:07 EST 2013 Wheat technology catching up Thursday Feb 28 13:02:06 EST 2013 Ups & downs of spraying wheat fungicide Friday Feb 01 11:42:56 EST 2013 Are you replanting winter wheat? Friday Jan 04 12:01:42 EST 2013 Watch for this wheat bug Thursday Jan 03 11:25:47 EST 2013 Snow can provide benefits to wheat crop Friday Dec 21 14:01:19 EST 2012 How to manage saline seeps A cover crop like winter wheat can set up a perennial crop like salt-tolerant alfalfa. Wednesday Dec 05 14:42:41 EST 2012 Tips to get up a late-planted wheat crop Tuesday Sep 11 12:07:39 EDT 2012 Clean wheat = higher-yielding wheat Monday Sep 10 14:09:13 EDT 2012 Take caution when 'dusting in' wheat this fall Thursday Aug 16 15:40:37 EDT 2012 Grains blast higher on drought This marked the third week in a row that grain prices surged higher, responding to intense drought conditions in the Midwest and quickly deteriorating crop conditions across most of the major growing regions. Monday Jul 09 09:46:31 EDT 2012 Canadian wheat on a roll Sites are set on 75-bushel spring wheat in Manitoba. Thursday May 03 17:09:45 EDT 2012 Spring wheat vigor Spring wheat vigor pushes up North Dakota yields. Thursday May 03 17:06:22 EDT 2012 Wheat goes local Demand grows for locally grown grains in breads, pizzas, and other products. Thursday May 03 11:09:08 EDT 2012