Agriculture Online - Education Agricultural education, news, feature and events. Find the latest information on a range of agricultural education topics, including FFA, 4-H, continuing education, college scholarships and more. Find out what other farmers and aspiring agriculturalists are doing to further their education. en-us Copyright Successful Farming Saturday Apr 19 15:39:55 EDT 2014 150 30 30 Cook This! Culinary challenge invites sharp 4-H’ers to bring their A-game. Sunday Mar 16 22:44:56 EDT 2014 Redefining “Local” Foods Monday Dec 16 07:26:55 EST 2013 Convention & country star ignite FFA Welcome to National FFA Convention week! Convention is returning to Louisville, Kentucky this year after spending 6 years in Indianapolis, Indiana – the same city where the National FFA Headquarters is located. Monday Oct 28 16:09:47 EDT 2013 Shiva Malhotra Monday Oct 21 12:43:23 EDT 2013 Reap the harvest Rural communities need to help a new crop of kids gain a foothold on the rungs of the economic ladder. Tuesday Sep 10 12:02:44 EDT 2013 AMEN IMMIGRATION AND GROUPS AMEN Wednesday Jun 05 11:08:46 EDT 2013 Keep the Ball Rolling Don't let estate planning fall through the cracks. Tuesday May 21 13:03:06 EDT 2013 Women Break the Mold New efforts are under way to unleash 50% of human potential and talent into fields of opportunity. Sunday Apr 14 22:01:55 EDT 2013 Recruited to Ag's Front Line Women win over consumers, striking up one-on-one conversations and waging a social media offensive. Sunday Apr 14 21:56:09 EDT 2013 Bookin’ it The bookmobile is a vehicle designed to download books to our doorsteps. Tuesday Feb 12 12:12:43 EST 2013 Apply now for beef scholarships CAB’s Colvin Fund offers $20,000 in education help. Monday Nov 05 10:37:31 EST 2012 Education first for young farmers? This beginner wonders if he should leave college to start farming. Thursday Apr 05 12:21:46 EDT 2012 Calling all New Century Farmers The National FFA Organization is now accepting applications for its 2012 New Century Farmer conference. Tuesday Mar 06 16:11:58 EST 2012 1st Course Whets Appetites Culinary Cookshop emphasizes kitchen basics as trends favor slow food and healthier eating habits. Monday Mar 05 13:40:51 EST 2012 Plug the rural brain drain Rural residents read, discuss, and develop strategies to invest in youth. Thursday Feb 16 15:59:07 EST 2012 Annie's Project expands estate, transitions help Thursday Jan 12 15:42:14 EST 2012 Youth make the case for ag Opportunities to advocate and educate range from classrooms to marathons, civic groups, and Facebook. Tuesday Aug 30 16:07:05 EDT 2011 Teachers: The apples of this pupil's eye If there's an A+ teacher in your past, take time to let him or her know. Thursday Jul 28 14:43:53 EDT 2011 Ask me, I'm a farmer A Michigan county Farm Bureau committee has a fun and informative event that puts a face on the farmer. Wednesday Jul 27 12:18:10 EDT 2011 Fair and sunny State fairs use upbeat ways to educate. Monday May 23 12:52:05 EDT 2011 What's for lunch? Schools across the U.S. explore a new menu of initiatives to allow kids a do-over on food and drink choices. Friday Apr 15 09:34:59 EDT 2011 Annie's Project Hits Its Stride The six-week workshops offer a comfortable and informative atmosphere that helps women build risk-management skills. Tuesday Mar 15 11:56:54 EDT 2011 Talk about food issues Don’t hesitate to take your seat at the head of the table. Monday Feb 14 12:12:26 EST 2011 Cultivate and educate New Century Farmer program helps students prepare for future. Wednesday Jan 12 11:13:52 EST 2011 Young hands grow global green thumbs Project links farmers, consumers, churches, and ag business. Tuesday Jan 11 16:06:08 EST 2011 Consider a gift of grain to 4-H In the midst of budget cuts, farmers can help 4-H youth programs thrive through this transition by giving a portion of their crops. Friday Dec 17 09:07:25 EST 2010 A growing experience Service projects help tweens realize it's not "all about me." Thursday Dec 16 21:55:04 EST 2010 City kids learn real ag All of ag benefits when land grants recruit urban students. Wednesday Dec 15 14:48:29 EST 2010 Across the Editor's Desk: Ag's my bag! FFA membership grows to record numbers. Wednesday Dec 15 14:43:20 EST 2010 Changing Faces In Agriculture The agriculture industry offers an array of opportunities today. Role models and mentors can help to nurture this growth. Thursday Oct 14 13:04:19 EDT 2010