Agriculture Online - Crop Insurance Crop insurance news and updates. Find articles on insurance programs, program eligibility, federal programs, program crops, coverage, deadlines and more. Get crop insurance updates for your farm and more by interacting with experts and other farmers. en-us Copyright Successful Farming Saturday Apr 19 14:46:42 EDT 2014 150 30 30 Crop Insurance: Good News, Bad News Crop insurance: good news, bad news Wednesday Mar 12 17:14:38 EDT 2014 How parametric crop insurance works It pays out when certain weather thresholds – like high temperatures – are reached. Monday Feb 03 11:32:59 EST 2014 Pressure on crop insurance Economists are already looking at ways to cut back. Thursday Feb 14 15:08:57 EST 2013 Crop insurance industry launches new 'activism website' Tuesday Dec 04 16:37:15 EST 2012 Crop insurance tax traps The IRS gives you less flexibility in managing income from indemnity payments than from grain sales. Friday Nov 16 15:46:45 EST 2012 Crop insurance jitters Higher costs may be ahead, but government subsidies likely stay the same for 2013. Friday Nov 16 15:41:35 EST 2012 RMA shakes up crop insurance Tuesday Oct 30 11:37:49 EDT 2012 Harvest prices & indemnity payments Wednesday Oct 17 08:58:36 EDT 2012 Flexible cash rent + indemnity payments = ? Tuesday Aug 21 15:18:16 EDT 2012 Costly crop insurance? Premiums could more than double if USDA subsidies are capped for large farms. Wednesday Aug 01 15:50:23 EDT 2012 Selling guaranteed insurance bushels Friday Jul 06 15:55:31 EDT 2012 Crop insurance: No good deed goes unpunished Friday Jun 08 16:17:19 EDT 2012 Can crop insurance handle all today's risks? Tuesday May 29 14:22:32 EDT 2012 Changes to acreage reports and crop insurance Wednesday May 02 12:07:52 EDT 2012 Replant provisions & early planting Friday Apr 06 09:10:52 EDT 2012 Insuring against bad weather The Climate Corporation offers private buy-up crop insurance policies that cover weather-related shallow losses, a way of protecting part of your profit. Tuesday Mar 06 11:45:12 EST 2012 The premium rate shuffle You may benefit from lower rates in much of the Corn Belt, along with a chance to boost your average yields. Thursday Feb 16 16:39:13 EST 2012 Farm-level revenue insurance choices When farm-level revenue crop insurance policies are used, most Illinois farmers now purchase 80 and 85 percent coverage levels. Wednesday Sep 28 12:38:05 EDT 2011 Harvest crop insurance checklist Tuesday Sep 20 15:35:38 EDT 2011 Wind damage: Is it covered? Tuesday Jul 12 14:42:21 EDT 2011 Adding hail coverage Friday Jun 24 12:13:53 EDT 2011 Farm program deadline approaching Tuesday Apr 26 12:32:56 EDT 2011 Selling your crop insurance bushels Friday Apr 08 15:20:07 EDT 2011 Use 2011 crop insurance as price risk management tool Friday Mar 11 12:12:21 EST 2011 COMBO merges revenue products A new Common Crop Insurance Policy has just one revenue product. Monday Feb 14 14:49:45 EST 2011 2011 crop insurance policy changes Monday Jan 03 12:04:50 EST 2011 7 ways to get more from your crop insurance at harvest Tuesday Sep 14 10:48:49 EDT 2010 Major types of crop insurance policies Learn the differences between the available major crop insurance policies. Wednesday Jul 07 10:10:42 EDT 2010 Crop insurance coverage deadline coming up The end of the insurance period is near, meaning farmers who are going to be turning in any losses need to do two very important things, says Doug Jose, UNL ag economist in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Thursday Nov 19 13:53:00 EST 2009 RMA: If weather delays your harvest, call your insurance agent On Monday, Shirley Pugh, public affairs director for the USDA Risk Management Agency (RMA) reported that losses incurred from harvest weather delays may make you eligible to harvest later and still be covered. Tuesday Nov 03 08:51:00 EST 2009