Agriculture Online - Technology Farm business technology news and updates. Find articles on computers, handheld devices, smartphones and cell phones, software and applications, new products and more. Get farm management technology updates for your farm by interacting with experts and other farmers. en-us Copyright Successful Farming Wednesday Apr 16 21:04:41 EDT 2014 150 30 30 How to Find Ag Apps This university agronomist became an accidental expert on smartphone apps. Here are some of his tips. Wednesday Apr 02 12:03:36 EDT 2014 Q&A: David Friedberg, Climate Corporation Wednesday Mar 05 15:09:49 EST 2014 9 apps to prep you for planting season Planting season is creeping up, slowly but surely. Here are 9 apps to get you prepared before and help during planting season. Wednesday Feb 26 14:04:35 EST 2014 Weather watchdogs: Precise real-time weather for the farm Wednesday Feb 05 08:05:30 EST 2014 Eyes in the sky: A new field perspective Tuesday Feb 04 14:26:35 EST 2014 Going keyless: Your smartphone is your key Monday Feb 03 14:28:39 EST 2014 Perimeter protection: Radar alerts potential collision hazards Monday Feb 03 13:55:55 EST 2014 Cows take to the cloud Wednesday Jan 15 13:48:32 EST 2014 Taking your farm to the cloud Wednesday Jan 15 11:10:23 EST 2014 Farming on the edge: Incorporating cutting-edge tech Tuesday Jan 14 14:42:40 EST 2014 11 useful ag apps for the new year With hundreds of thousands of apps out there, it can be difficult to find apps that are truly beneficial to our purpose as agriculturalists. Here are 11 apps we believe are useful for anyone in agriculture: farmers, rancher, food enthusiasts, or those inte Wednesday Dec 04 19:30:32 EST 2013 Wearables and your time, efficiency on the farm Monday Dec 02 17:12:50 EST 2013 No-hands milking robots Tuesday Nov 05 09:14:49 EST 2013 The robots are coming! Big and small, they will make your farm safer and more efficient. Tuesday Nov 05 09:01:25 EST 2013 Farm management simplified Tuesday Oct 22 10:12:44 EDT 2013 Livestock Management Software: There's an App for That! Wednesday Oct 09 00:00:00 EDT 2013 Solar Flower Power Ground mount solar installation in North Iowa. Monday Oct 07 18:04:36 EDT 2013 A new age of wearable technology Thursday Sep 26 10:10:28 EDT 2013 Corrosion Protection Thursday Sep 19 05:50:18 EDT 2013 Records Management Matters in Business Success Thursday Sep 12 06:34:08 EDT 2013 Farm computer use evolving Wednesday Sep 04 16:52:23 EDT 2013 Data ownership: Whose numbers are they? Wednesday Sep 04 16:45:27 EDT 2013 MY PICS.. I LOVE MYSELF... Thursday Aug 15 11:43:21 EDT 2013 Why Google Glass on the farm? The first farmers in the U.S. to get their hands on Google Glass talk about the future of the device and others like it. Wednesday Jul 03 15:55:18 EDT 2013 Google Glass is on its way to the farm Check out a first-hand account of the unveiling of a hot new tech tool that could have major uses on the farm. Monday Jul 01 17:31:23 EDT 2013 Aerial Precision Ag is Ready to Fly Multirotors Thursday Jun 13 22:25:37 EDT 2013 eKonomics: New online site provides resources, tools PotashCorp recently launched eKonomics, a new online resource where agronomy industry information is presented in relevant and practical ways, through video, infographics, tools and articles. To learn more, visit Monday Jun 10 13:09:48 EDT 2013 Greenbar Fragreen Potassium Super Absorbent Polymer Tuesday Jun 04 03:01:21 EDT 2013 PotashCorp Launches "eKonomics:" New online resource showcases business of crop nutrition Monday Jun 03 16:31:06 EDT 2013 Drones evolve into a new tool for ag Friday May 10 08:21:18 EDT 2013