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It's a sign of better balance for both crops & livestock, making for a more stable marketplace, one economist says. Do you agree? Wednesday Jan 11 15:41:19 EST 2012 Ag Week Connections See how one farm group is connecting with food consumers. Tuesday Mar 15 12:35:24 EDT 2011 Preparing A Marketing Plan Shake up profits with a sound marketing plan. Tuesday Nov 09 13:02:31 EST 2010 3 ways to improve grain marketing results Wednesday Sep 08 16:59:27 EDT 2010 Find the right tires for your trailer Wednesday Sep 08 14:46:26 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: A jump-start into farming Randy Stanfield began buying cows and renting land as a teenager. Wednesday Jul 28 00:00:00 EDT 2010 Alan Kluis: Major lows due in corn, soybeans this fall Here are three signals to watch that the low is in. Wednesday Jul 28 00:00:00 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur Tuesday Jul 06 18:19:27 EDT 2010 Six steps for growing continuous corn Tuesday Jul 06 17:25:40 EDT 2010 Crop Watch Weekly archive Link to past Crop Watch Weekly articles from Agriculture Online Markets Editor Mike McGinnis. Tuesday Jul 06 16:52:53 EDT 2010 South America Crop Watch tour Crop consultant Laura Karlen is traveling throughout South America, reporting on crop conditions and other news. See a map of her travels and link to her reports and photo slideshows. Tuesday Jul 06 16:51:33 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: The right mix Molly Shick-Manns never listed crop consultant as a career goal. She wasn't even on an agricultural track until her college business adviser steered her toward agriculture because of Shick-Manns' farm background. Thursday May 27 16:18:00 EDT 2010 Your Profit: Create a successful marketing plan How do you know how big your crop will be? What level of crop insurance should you buy? What will prices do? How much do you sell ahead? This is a critical time when you need to address all these questions. Thursday May 20 08:37:00 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: A bent for business Ben Alsum was just 10 years old when his enterprising nature surfaced. His parents, Scott and Lona, milked cows, and young Alsum soon learned that evening milking was a sure way to earn $10 a day. Tuesday Apr 06 12:09:00 EDT 2010 It's hot! Most farm equipment doesn't come with a title that can be transferred from owner to owner, which makes it easy for thieves to unload it on unsuspecting buyers. There are steps you can take to avoid ending up with hot machinery. Tuesday Apr 06 10:55:00 EDT 2010 Is your farm vulnerable to theft? In his more than 20 years as a farmer, Jim Sanderson has worn many hats. But in August 2008, the hat he donned was that of a detective -- he had a thief to catch. His story reads as if it were pulled from the pages of a Sherlock Holmes novel. A crime had b Tuesday Apr 06 10:35:00 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: From tees to bees Where there's a will, there's a way. The Barnes family of Williamsport in south-central Ohio has found ways for 2,200 acres to support four families. Tuesday Mar 30 13:06:00 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: Enterprising ranchers Ryan and Nikki Taylor gave up climbing the corporate ladder to raise three children and ranch full time near Towner, North Dakota. Tuesday Mar 16 14:56:00 EDT 2010 Ag Entrepreneur: You can go home again Matt Danner, Carroll, Iowa, had what some considered a posh career -- a degree in ag systems technology and agronomy from Iowa State University and a job with John Deere that sent him around the world. But he gave it up to follow his real dream: working on Monday Mar 15 15:17:00 EDT 2010 5 ways to network What is social media? Basically, it's a set of Internet communications tools that enables you to produce content, rather than just consume it. The tools include anything that lets you have a voice in media, including blogs, forums, social networks, photo s Tuesday Feb 09 14:20:00 EST 2010 Your Profit: Record crops, record demand In the past, big crops have meant negative price swings. However, increased world demand changes that rule. Tuesday Feb 09 14:14:00 EST 2010 Global farm opinions Friday Dec 18 09:48:00 EST 2009 Experts Offer Insight Whether you want to learn more about crops, shops, technology, machinery, or improve your quality of life, you'll find it all and more at the AG CONNECT Expo this January 13-15, 2010, in Orlando, Florida. Friday Dec 11 09:40:00 EST 2009 Electronic marketing Joe Foresman compares it to buying airline tickets online. Tamara Kass likens it to online banking. Wednesday Nov 25 09:16:00 EST 2009 Leaving the tunnel New York's metro area seems an unlikely spot for one of American agriculture's key institutions. Here, the Federal Farm Credit Banks Funding Corporation, with a staff of 40, issues bonds that finance the Farm Credit System's $163 billion loan portfolio -- Tuesday Nov 24 08:56:00 EST 2009 Special Marketing Issue 2009 Thursday Nov 19 09:15:00 EST 2009 Understanding chart analysis Long-term patterns have been very reliable, while some of the shorter term patterns are worth watching but are not always as reliable. The seasonal price patterns have worked very well the last two years, as farmers who sold cash grain and put on new crop Thursday Nov 19 08:35:00 EST 2009