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Crop Watch Weekly archive

Agriculture.com Staff 02/07/2016 @ 11:24am

Link to past Crop Watch Weekly articles from Agriculture Online Markets Editor Mike McGinnis.

EMBRAPA: Brazil soy yield cut 5% by weather and late planting
Though parts of the crop has been damaged from being planted late followed by too wet or too dry growing conditions, Brazil's overall soybean yield reduction this year will not exceed 5% from the expected national production of 57 to 60 million metric tons, one EMBRAPA spokesman told Agriculture Online on Tuesday. 2/21/2006, 9:44 AM CST

Weather still a concern for South America soy crop
Though fund investing in the last month captured most of the attention of the soybean futures market on the Chicago Board of Trade, fundamental factors such as South America's crop weather are expected to remain popular, analysts said on Wednesday. Brazil's soybean weather has been mostly favorable with dry spots in the south. Some insect and Asian soybean rust pressure has reduced yields, but to what degree is still largely unknown. 2/15/2006, 1:04 PM CST

CBOT market watchers eye South America soy crop
Because South America weather -- rainy or dry -- impacts U.S. soybean prices on the Chicago Board of Trade, market analysts say this time of the year can spark or kill weather market rallies. Despite weather concerns, market watchers still see Brazil capable of producing a 58 million metric tons of soybeans, with another 40 million coming from Argentina. 2/06/2006, 9:27 AM CST

Link to past Crop Watch Weekly articles from Agriculture Online Markets Editor Mike McGinnis.

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