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Across the Editor's Desk: Getting creative in the shop

02/14/2013 @ 9:59am

The cover of this issue of Successful Farming magazine is one of a kind – literally.

All of our covers are unique, of course, but this issue is the brainchild of Art Director Matt Strelecki and Dave Mowitz, Executive Editor of Machinery and Technology. Strelecki and Mowitz conceived this custom-made, heavy-metal piece of art while brainstorming how best to illustrate the “10 Tips That Can Advance Your Welding Skills."

Welding is near and dear to Mowitz's heart. Having been in the writing business for 30 years, he's been on hundreds – if not thousands – of farms all around the country, listening to stories and reporting on ideas that will help you get creative in your shop.

In the Successful Farming “shop,” the creativity that happens every day is pretty amazing, as well.

After Strelecki got the green light to put his concept into an actual metal illustration, he had to find an expert able to fabricate the idea. Mowitz knew just the team to pull it off: Cox Design and Metal Fabrication in Altoona, Iowa. Bruce Cox, a former farmer, founded the company in 1987, and the firm's 15 employees design, weld, laser-cut, powder-coat, and fabricate metals into thousands of shapes and sizes – whatever creative ideas are thrown at them.

The cover you're holding incorporates a creative vision, a lot of collaboration, great teamwork, and top-notch skills. The result is a masterpiece. It truly is one of a kind.

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