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Across the Editor's Desk: Keep in touch

Updated: 02/05/2013 @ 9:41am

“Give me a call.”

“Did you get my note?”

“Send me an email.”

“Ping me.” (OK, this one is pretty new)

There are more ways than ever of staying in touch, aren’t there? Cell phone, text messages, Facebook, email, and on and on. A simple handwritten letter means more in this age of instant messages and constant contact. 

But these myriad ways of communicating also create new – and sometimes confounding – behaviors. For example, my son and daughter refuse to check the voice messages that I leave for them on their cell phones. They will, however, text-message me day or night. (Why don’t they just use the phone as a phone? But that’s another story.)

Here at Successful Farming, the staff and I enjoy hearing from our magazine readers/Web visitors/TV viewers/radio listeners. Every day we have hundreds of conversations in our Agriculture.com forums. This is my fifth column as editor, and I make sure I put my email address and Twitter handle right next to my picture to make it easy for you to contact me. 

We’re listening

Our website is expanding our email newsletter program because you’ve told us you like getting timely weather, news, and marketing information. We are adding new topics as well, such as machinery and others. In fact, you can get alerts on your phone personalized to you and your farm. It’s easy if you want to stay in touch. Here are three ways to keep connected.

Agriculture.com for news, weather, markets, and more: agriculture.com/newsletter

Living the Country Life for rural living: livingthecountrylife.com/newsletter  

Farmers for the Future for young and beginning farmers: farmersforthefuture.com

We know your email in-box may be loaded with offers, deals and who-knows-what. But our newsletters are quick, easy reads to help you stay in the know. And, you can read them on your computer, tablet, or phone.  

Here’s to a successful February. Let’s keep in touch!

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text market alerts 06/13/2015 @ 9:36am I sighed up or activated some kind of daily commodity alerts back in the day of brick phones, "from this web sight" now with a smart phone this is not needed and ANOYING !! I have tried everything to block or get rid of it and nothing works. I want to know how to stop this if anyone has any insight please let me know. It is incredibly hard to find a contact for any one on this sight!!!

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