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Across the Editor’s Desk: More than convenient

LOREN KRUSE 11/01/2011 @ 8:58am Editor-in-Chief Successful Farming

More than 30 years ago as this magazine's farm management editor, I attended a seminar for farmers about keeping a focus on what's most important in life and business. The speaker told of visiting the home of a new friend who was prominent in national and international business.

As they visited, the phone rang. The man ignored it. Later it range again, and he ignored it. It rang a third time, as well. At that point, the seminar speaker said he had to ask, “Why don't you answer the phone? It might be an important business call!” The man replied, “The phone is there for my convenience – not the convenience of the caller.”

I remembered that long-ago seminar talk as I read this issue's cover story, “Hot New Tool For Your Farm,” beginning on page 32. In those days, farmers would burst out of meetings during breaks and immediately seek a pay phone to call their brokers or co-op for a market update. Later, as cell phones became more common, farmers would seek a spot with good reception during breaks to call their brokers. Now with smartphones, all the information flows to you. You can scroll through it for nuggets of news and prices from your seminar seat or anywhere else.

As farmer Kelly Robertson of Benton, Illinois, says in the “Hot New Tool” story, “Today, your cell phone is now your do-all computer, phone, text, email, Internet, phone book, Twitter, Facebook, weather radar, grain market ticker, and a whole list of apps and downloads for whatever else you're into. It is your way to stay connected to the world.”

It is a comfort to have all that power conveniently at your side 24-7, whether you check it often or just once in awhile. Your choice!

Check out the new mobile Agriculture.com

The Successful Farming magazine team recently launched a new mobile version of our website. Find it on your smartphone at m.agriculture.com. We've beefed up the marketing section with an up-to-the-minute price ticker, charts, and commentary from analysts. In addition, you can interact with market advisers and other farmers.

Another new feature is an Ag Apps section of applications you can download.

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