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Across the Editor’s Desk: More than money

LOREN KRUSE 11/09/2010 @ 2:37pm Editor-in-Chief Successful Farming

The editors of Successful Farming magazine strive to find new ideas that will help you make money and save time. Most of all, we seek ideas that you can take right to the field, barn, shop, or office and put to work to add value to your farming business.

We also write about safety and good health practices because nothing is more important to the success of your operation than the safety and fitness of its decisionmakers. Still, I never put our health stories in the category of “take to the doctor’s office and put to work.”

But one reader, Noah Perry of Buffalo, West Virginia, did. He took a story from the November 2009 issue to the doctor of his wife, Louise. She was suffering from severe shoulder pain and the therapy was not helping. Never did the Perrys consider that the problem was related to breast cancer from 28 years earlier.

The story from a year ago was titled “Three Lessons From Jan.” It was written by retired Managing Editor Gene Johnston, who is still a frequent contributor. Gene told of his wife Jan’s back pain, which was learned too late to be caused by recurrent breast cancer that spread to her bones after 12 years. Jan died in January 2009.

On page 64 you can read “Divine Help Just In Time.” Written by Gene, it is about Louise’s battle and recovery from cancer. When Gene received a call from Noah in January, Noah’s first words were, “You know, you saved my wife’s life.”

My favorite quote in Gene’s story is from the doctor who treated Louise. He said on her first visit, “Now tell me again, you came here because of a story in a FARM magazine?”

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Last year, 38 grain bin fatalities were recorded by the Agricultural Safety and Health Program at Purdue University. That is the highest number since 42 in 1993.

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