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Across the Editor's Desk: Precision in Practice

11/01/2012 @ 9:53am

Precision agriculture is not a trend and it's not new. Yet, it is changing all the time. Since starting my new role here at Successful Farming magazine, I have been amazed at the amount of information farmers deal with. We are honored to bring you our magazine each month, in addition to our daily coverage at Agriculture.com.

Take, for example, “precision agriculture.” A Google search delivers more than 3.8 million results for that phrase. Now that's information overload! We know that Successful Farming® can help make it easier.

Our editors are steadfast in bringing ideas and information that you can take to the field, the shop, the office, and the cab. Precision agriculture happens in all of these locations – and even the kitchen table. We have decided to dedicate one of our staff members to this growing source of information.

Laurie Bedord, who has been covering the machinery industry and new products (with Machinery Director Dave Mowitz) for years, will lead our coverage as Advanced Technology Editor, a title that includes the wide landscape of products and services in precision agriculture: yield monitors, auto steer technology, data management… no, I will not deliver 3.8 million results to you.

But Bedord's sensibility is to go beyond just the electronics and find the stories of successful growers and ranchers who apply these new tools to make their operations safer and more profitable. Just plain smarter. After all, our name and heritage is to make you successful.

You'll want to read Bedord's coverage starting on page 44, where she introduces Will Masteller, an innovative grower who is climbing a mountain of information – and reaching the peak. Masteller says it quite well: “If you're not looking ahead, you're falling behind.”

Now that's precision. We're looking ahead, as well.

Here's to a successful November.

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Changing technology 11/05/2012 @ 10:18am Seems like you would have a challenge that is two-fold, the equipment is constantly evolving and farmers have to stay on the cutting edge to be successful. You also have technology changing in how you REPORT the information to farmers. The challenge becomes managing all of it, staying up-to-date and remaining efficient in a landscape that is ever changing...

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