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Across the Edtior's Desk: What's Important?

LOREN KRUSE Updated: 07/28/2010 @ 10:46am Editor-in-Chief Successful Farming

Are you among the many people who would prefer that their daily lives be a little less busy, not quite so hurried, and generally simpler and easier to manage? Some days I feel that way, although on other days I thrive on the emotional surge of extreme and urgent busyness, too.
In running a farm operation, you spend considerable time just getting the most urgent and immediate jobs done. You also spend considerable time sorting out and processing big chunks and little scraps of information so you can make decisions with confidence. The process isn't efficient and you hate wasting time, but you certainly don't want to miss a piece of news or relevant information either.

Your List Of What's Hot, Cool and Intriguing Today

Life would be calmer and your work more efficient and focused if every day at the breakfast table you found a paper titled "Only what I need to know today." You could then just eliminate worrying about or paying any mind to everything else!

For me and my world of agriculture, the closest thing for the past 15 years to that piece of paper with breakfast every day is the Successful Farming magazine website, Agriculture.com™. Its editors organize and bring insight to the news, markets, and weather factors impacting your business. The 25 topic forums are alive 24-7 with views, ideas, and solutions to your problems from other farmers.
This summer, Successful Farming magazine has taken Agriculture.com to an even higher level of value for you in managing your farm. The site has been relaunched and new features have been added, including one I know you'll want to check out every day. It's called the A-List. The editors harvest the Web and list the most important -- as well as the most intriguing -- agricultural content on the Internet.

You can nominate items for the A-List, too. In fact, the new Agriculture.com provides additional ways to contribute. Like listing your farm-related enterprises in the new Ag Directory, posting a free classified ad, and sharing photos and articles about your farm. You can write a product review, easily add your comments and ideas to any story on the site, and post your own report on the weather wall. And much, much more.

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Nationwide Broadband Plan 08/14/2010 @ 4:03pm Loren, Long time no see--. As President of our small rural Telephone cooperative I have been made aware of the severe ramifications of the newly proposed nationwide broadband plan and what it will do to rural communities. If you would have interest in learning more about this and how it will affect rural America, I can get you in contact with someone that studys this daily. Thanks, and Go Cats, Steve Kruse

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