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Beautiful farm contest 07/22/2013 @ 1:55pm Postlewait’s also known as GCP Farms is owned and operated by Gary and Carolyn Postlewait and their four children. The farm is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, Canby, Oregon. Amongst a working farm of 80 acres containing hazelnut orchards, Pinot Noir grape vineyards, oats, grass for seed, and Hereford cattle lays a beautifully landscaped park and woods. To accommodate farming activities, areas have been landscaped to help enhance the natural beauty of the farm and what it has to offer. In Oregon, there are evasive plants that have become a problem on many farms and other properties. The Postlewait’s have removed most of these plants which include English ivy, tansy ragwort and wild blackberries. Now in their place, are native plants that are not only visually appealing but help combat erosion. To help disguise irrigation systems, flowers have been planted to hide pipe. Large rocks have been placed around hydrants, large perennial shrubs and trees have been planted around the well and pump, making all of these systems now an attraction. Gary handcrafted a wishing well and water fall which flows into a seasonal creek. This replaced a common pipe that fills his irrigation pond by pumping water from his well and acts as a visually appealing secondary watering system to the crops. At the entrance to the farm is a handcrafted sign created by Carolyn Postlewait. From this entrance and along all major roadways of the farm, Gary has put up fencing, using recycled hop poles from his brother in-law who is a neighboring farmer. Much of what is used at the Postlewait’s is local and handcrafted. It is an amazing thing when someone can look at their property and know that most of the blood, sweat and tears are theirs and it has paid off. Adding to the authentic rural sites at the Postlewait’s, is an early 1900’s livestock barn and a large machinery pole barn. These have been sided to match and landscaped around both. Next to the out buildings starts a piece of land that has been made into a park which, otherwise, would be an unproductive piece of the farm. This area now serves many purposes. The creek flows through the center of the park and empties into the pond. This adds beauty and again function. Accent lighting has been added that runs through the park; in the midst of oak trees, beside the creek, and along the bridges. In the park is a personal saloon and arbor, these have been constructed by the family. There is nothing better than getting off a tractor after a long day and enjoying a freshly poured beer from your very own saloon. Others have thought the farm is just as special. Family and community members have held weddings and events at the farm. The goal is to increase the visits and promote farm living through agri-tourism, with not only beautiful farm events, but with wines, hazelnuts, grass fed beef, and other sustainable agriculture practices.

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