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LOREN KRUSE 10/25/2010 @ 11:45am Editor-in-Chief Successful Farming

More than 30 years ago and early in my career at Successful Farming magazine, a wise old farmer told me something I never forgot. “In farming you can make money by spending money, and you can make money by not spending money,” he told me. His point, he explained, was that watching spending is always prudent, but so is looking for opportunities where spending will pay back significantly more than the cost.

I was reminded of his words as I read Deputy Machinery Editor Laurie Potter’s cover story, “Score With Precision Ag." She tells about three farming operations that are at different levels in adoption of new technology.

Potter writes, “The first farmer has had limited exposure to precision ag; the second is using a few precision ag tools; and the third and fourth, a father-son team, have implemented precision ag into nearly every aspect of their operation.” If you’ve been a skeptical spectator regarding the returns for precision technologies for your operation, I believe you’ll gain new insight from the experiences of these farmers.

Stories From The Era Of Preprecision Ag

No matter where you are on the precision ag adoption curve, chances are you value and appreciate the advances in farm machinery over the years that helped bring agriculture to the era of farming by the square inch. I’ve observed that farmers who are often among the earliest adopters of new ag technologies are also among the most avid collectors of vintage tractors and other farm machinery.

For lovers of classic tractors and old iron, the editors of Successful Farming magazine offer you 48 additional pages a year jam-packed with interesting stories, how-to tips for restorers, and plenty of fun and humor to satisfy a gearhead’s heart. The Ageless Iron Almanac is published six times a year within the pages of Successful Farming.

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