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Looking back & forward on Ag Day

SF Marketing 03/15/2011 @ 1:19pm

Today is National Ag Day.  It is a day to educate the public on food, fiber and renewable resource products – from how they’re produced to the end consumer. Meredith Corporation has its roots in agriculture.

It stems back to the 1850s when the Meredith family moved to Iowa and settled on a farm. Fifty years later, E.T. Meredith launched Successful Farming in October of 1902 as the founding magazine of Meredith Corporation. 

The tradition of agriculture carried over to the first issue of Better Homes and Gardens (then named Fruit, Garden and Home). Meredith realized people in the city may not be raising pigs and corn, but they still have a garden to tend to, a home to keep and mouths to feed.  The idea of food and cooking established Better Homes and Gardens and is a major part of what the magazine is today.

As the subscriber base grew, so did the opportunity for more magazine titles. However, all of the recipes, beauty spotlights, home improvement tips, and the sewing, quilting, and gardening ideas that fill Meredith publication pages would not be possible without agriculture. 

The recipes involve food items grown on a farm before reaching the consumer; beauty products contain ingredients grown on a farm, for example perfumes contain scents from herbs and fruits; home improvement tips can involve paint, timber, or paper projects; sewing and quilting require cotton, fleece, and other materials that are initially grown on a farm to create an end product; and gardening ideas stem directly from agriculture.

From the articles written by editors to the soy-based ink Meredith uses to print them in the magazine, everything we do here finds its roots in agriculture. Today is not just National Ag Day, it is also celebrating the history and future of Meredith Corporation. 

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