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American agriculture helps to feed, clothe and fuel the world. But getting the job done takes machinery, and the farmers and ranchers who know how to keep their equipment going strong everyday.

Machinery Show By: 04/18/2013 @ 9:24am

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The Ideal Service Truck-Machinery Show 810 By: 03/25/2015 @ 6:05pm

Originally aired on March 26, 2015.

A Shop Rises Up-Machinery Show 809 By: 03/19/2015 @ 4:13pm

Originally aired March 19, 2015.

High-Speed Planting-Machinery Show 808 By: 03/12/2015 @ 11:38am

Originally aired on March 12, 2015

A Shop Built For the Future-Machinery Show 807 By: 01/30/2015 @ 1:56pm

Originally aired January 29, 2015

Used Precision Equipment-Machinery Show 806 By: 01/22/2015 @ 12:04pm

Originally aired January 22, 2015

Making New Space from the Old-Machinery Show 805 By: 01/09/2015 @ 2:44pm

Originally aired January 8, 2015

The Robots Are Coming-Machinery Show 804 By: 12/04/2014 @ 4:17pm

Originally aired December 11, 2014.

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The Ideal Service Truck-Machinery Spotlight

I will cut expenses by reducing:

Inputs Personal living expenses Machinery expenses Labor Other than the above I will not reduce expenses Other/comment