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Successful Farming articles on crop and livestock production. Read about new crop technology, tillage, planting, harvesting, spraying, and fertilizer management. Get updates on animal health, pork production and cattle production, grazing management and more.

The power of drop size By: 07/27/2010 @ 11:00pm

Remember that old Maxwell House coffee tagline, "Good to the last drop?"Well, focusing on drop size can help boost pesticide efficacy and reduce the chances of…

40 Seasons of Farming By: 02/02/2015 @ 2:03pm

During your 40 seasons of farming, you will:

7 Farm Facts By: 11/04/2014 @ 10:42am

Learn seven fast facts about agriculture and technology.

Help Stop Glyphosate Resistance By: 12/07/2010 @ 1:58pm

Illinois farmers have another adversary to consider in their annual battle against weeds. Glyphosate-resistant waterhemp is poised to bring new challenges to agronomic cropping systems in Illinois, and it…

Taking a stab at pre-harvest yield estimates By: 07/06/2010 @ 5:22pm

Actual corn and soybean yield determinations can only be made at harvest using accurate area and grain weight measurements, but there are ways to make ballpark pre-harvest estimates. We've entered the…

Four steps to boosting your soybean yield By: 07/06/2010 @ 5:21pm

The first thing to know about maximizing soybean yields is that the two biggest profit makers are planting date and row spacing. That probably doesn't surprise many farmers. But there are a few facts to…

How to know when you need a preplant N test By: 07/06/2010 @ 5:21pm

Nitrogen costs are high this spring, a situation that has many farmers looking for ways to apply only the nitrogen their crops really need as a way to maximize the economic benefit. A preplant N test could…

Replant decision deserves more than a quick glance at the field By: 07/06/2010 @ 5:21pm

A quick glance at your field probably won't give you the information you need to decide whether to replant soybeans this year because you're likely to underestimate your existing plant population…

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