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Year end

Agriculture.com Staff 02/07/2016 @ 2:37am

Fall's hubbub is gone. The machinery is put away.
November is half over. Here comes Thanksgiving Day.
We covered a lot of acres as across the field we'd go.
Harvest followed by tillage, racing to beat the snow.
We finished fall's race and even had time to spare.
If it started to snow now, we probably wouldn't care.
Between the crop years, we'll take our intermission
To pause and catch our breath. It's a time of transition.

Thanksgiving week marks many things. This is the week when we hear about the first Thanksgiving and every year there is an attempt to revise what happened. The actual year may be different. Who was invited is subject to speculation. The food served may not be what we have come to believe. However, we do know the intent. It was an attitude of gratitude to be shared with those around us.

This week also means the Christmas season has started. Christmas is a mixed blessing. There are parts of it I am glad to leave behind when it is finished. There are parts of it I thoroughly enjoy and try to make the most of while it is here. Growing up, Thanksgiving week meant a short vacation from school to prepare for the long vacation at Christmas and New Year. That was a reason to celebrate. It was the best thing going between summer vacations from school.

While it is a little early, this is the time of year when every snow free day means we are a day closer to spring when the snow is gone. I never cared for snow and feeding cattle during the winter. Even though it ended many years ago, it is still fresh in my mind. Gates frozen in place, water tank that needed watching to keep it from freezing, short hours of daylight, a supply of ether cans to start the tractor, and everything took longer because of the snow and cold. My dad complained about snow and winter all the years he had livestock and I am no different. I will leave the complaining about snow and cold until it is here. This is Thanksgiving week with the emphasis on thanks.

Thanksgiving week is like the yellow light we see on the traffic signal letting us know the red light marking the end of the year is fast approaching. Time to slow down to make those end-of-the-year decisions while there is a little time. The green light of January and the New Year will tell us to let out the clutch and accelerate into spring.

Over the next weeks, we will complain about gas being $3 a gallon and then fill the tank anyway. Perhaps we can be grateful that it is there even at $3 a gallon. With our abundance, we certainly find the time to complain. No matter how good things are, we believe they are not quite right.

My uncle, who is a farmer, baited me over the weekend saying that the corn I delivered to the ethanol plant was taking food away from hungry people. I told him those same people were hungry when corn was $1.80. The world will never be quite right.

It does not help when we have to listen to politicians tell us at every opportunity that unless we elect that person to office, terrible things are going to happen and they are the one who can stop it. I have listened to many politicians before claiming to have the answers and when elected to office, it turns out they did not know any more than anyone else.

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