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Morning after...

12/01/2010 @ 1:42pm

The morning after Thanksgiving I had pumpkin pie for breakfast.

There’s nothing unusual about that.  I’m guessing a lot of folks had the same breakfast.  In fact, in my part of the country it may be a law. 

If it’s not, it should be.

For lunch we had turkey casserole -- and a little pumpkin pie for dessert.  We went to the movies that night and as we were going out the door I had a sandwich of...you know.  We shared the movie popcorn six ways, so when we got home I was still a little hungry.  No problem.  I had some pecan pie before bed, just for the sake of diversity.

I like holidays, I really do.  It’s nice to have a house full of people who know all your stories, but are willing to be around you anyway.  Holidays aren’t perfect -- there’s always a certain amount of stress involved.  The house needs to be cleaned, the food needs to be cooked on time and in the right quantities, and the big coffee pot usually trips a breaker in the kitchen unless I unplug the microwave.  There’s a certain amount of fretting about menus and concerns about the quantity of good china and durability of grandma’s chairs.  In addition, when you live where I live you always have to worry about weather problems doubling or halving your guest list.  Yet even with all those issues and a few more, Thanksgiving is big fun.

But the day after Thanksgiving...that’s a good time from beginning to end.  All the pressure is off, people stay in their jammies until noon, there’s plenty to eat and no cooking to be done and it doesn’t matter that the house is a mess, mainly because your guests are the people who made it that way.  I slept a little later than usual, puttered around just enough so I could claim an appetite brought about by productive labor, and didn’t even bother about picking up the mail. 

Maybe this doesn’t sound like your day after Thanksgiving.  Maybe you were in line at 4:00 a.m. to buy something big or electronic at a steep discount.  Well, different strokes for different folks.  There are technical terms for the two types of people.  My sort, the jammie loungers, are called “post holiday resters.”

The 4:00 a.m. shoppers are referred to as “crazy people.”

Seriously.  I’m just as short of cash as the next guy, and I live in a house full of stuff, so clearly I know all about purchasing, but there is nothing on this earth that I want so badly that I would stand in line for five minutes to purchase it, let alone five hours.

At least nothing you can buy with money.  I vividly remember eight hours in the waiting area of an emergency room where I would have paid with everything I had, but that night what I wanted wasn’t for sale.

Like most people, I’ve had more nights like that than I care to think about it, but I haven’t had one for a while.  And that’s a better reason to enjoy Thanksgiving than all the pumpkin pie in the world.  And maybe that’s what this column is really about.

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