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Nearly 30 years of successful editing

John Walter 12/17/2013 @ 12:19pm

Saying good-bye to Successful Farming after nearly 30 years here is making me reach deep into my heart to see if there’s something to say that might interest others. Quickly, these thoughts come to mind:

  • Agriculture was the right choice for a career. As a young man, I started in a different direction. I hope you feel as strongly as I do that you’re doing exactly what you want to do and that you’re doing important work.

  • Two heads, or more, are better than one. Looking back on my career, I’ve been struck by how much of my better work has been the result of collaboration -- with colleagues, farmers, and other aggies. One’s ego can get in the way of this recognition, I suppose.

  • Don’t forget what you like doing best. One thing I enjoyed the most in my career was taking pictures of cattle. I was never quite as big on going to meetings. Now I hope to have more time to wander some pastures. Remind yourself from time to time what you enjoy doing most on your place -- and do more of it.

  • Keep up with the times. Keeping pace with new technology can be a tough chore these days, but I’ve found it’s crucial if you’re going to continue to be a player. One of my biggest inspirations in the business is a 70-year-old farmer who continues to explore new practices for precision ag, marketing, communications, and more. He’s still having fun farming because of it.

  • The Successful Farming brand, well over a century old, shines as bright as ever. I still can’t believe how many farmers gladly opened their doors to me over the years just because I worked for this magazine. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Good-bye, friends. Hope to see you on down the road.

Editor's Note: Wish John well by adding your comment below or sending him an email. We'll miss you, man.

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Congratuations on a wonderful career! 12/18/2013 @ 12:42am John, Always happy to have called myself a member of Successful Farming and I appreciate the opportunities I had work with you on all the many creative online projects, when we had a small in-house web development group. You've served well and enjoy your retirement! - Jon Backstrom

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Fair Winds John! 12/17/2013 @ 2:47pm John, Truly been an inspiration to me for the short time I had the honor of crossing paths! Best of luck - Tom Hudson

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