What To Do With Mean Cows

High-strung, ornery cattle often have no love for humans. Animals with the desire to do you bodily harm should leave the herd.

Carbureator Automatic Choke

Automatic chokes on old carburetors can be a pain, especially when the engine is hard to start. There is a simple solution to keep the motor humming.

Grain Drying Safety

Farmers are storing more grain on the farm. Brush up on safety procedures to prevent accidents and fires as you’re drying the grain.


The people you have on speed dial when something breaks on the farm can now help you in minutes thanks a new remote support mobile app.

Bioenergy Research Center

A new generation of biofuels is on the horizon. Scientists are researching how to make these products directly from grasses.

Manure Gas Hazards

The strong smell of manure in confined areas isn’t good for your health. But sometimes it’s what you don’t smell in manure that’s even worse.

World Food Day

Having enough to eat is a basic human right. October 16th is World Food Day.

Beef Cattle Feed Intake

What beef cattle eat and how much across different life stages has been hard to assess. A study at the University of Illinois is analyzing forage and grain intake.