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The latest articles and updates on software and hardware versions from Conservis Corporation, a cloud-based farm-management software developer.

7 Tech Gadgets for the Farm By: 04/02/2015 @ 4:30pm

Products selected by Laurie Bedord.

Computer 'Super Intelligence' Has Huge Potential, Good & Bad -- Gates By: 02/02/2015 @ 4:06pm

Sure, technology is great. Things like smartphones have (though some argue the opposite) freed up our time, and things…

Buyers' Guide: Keep Your Information Safe With Backup By: 12/16/2014 @ 11:42am

Something almost no one worries about is backing up important data from desktop or mobile devices. From yield numbers…

Management Software from Conservis By: 11/24/2014 @ 2:30pm

The latest software version from Conservis Corporation, a cloud-based farm-management software developer, incorporates an improved interface as well as a series of performance enhancements and updates. You can…

Data-Driven Future By: 08/08/2014 @ 2:59pm

Sandy, clay, or loamy. Know what soil types exist within your fields with a soil data layer feature from FarmLogs.The free online soil maps show color-coded, high-resolution soil texture zones overlaid onto…

Data Demands By: 04/02/2014 @ 10:35am

From who owns the data to the ways we manage the data, this four-letter word seems to have taken on a life of its own. Big data has become a big headache. To better understand concerns and current hurdles…

Online Marketing Tool Tracks Returns By: 03/28/2014 @ 6:51pm

We all know that any of last year's grain still in bins, if it wasn't hedged or sold, has been losing value for much of the winter. Troubles in Ukraine sparked a spring rally in futures, but the…

Farm computer use evolving By: 09/04/2013 @ 3:52pm

If you own a computer, odds are the farmer down the road does not. While technologies like automatic steering and yield monitors flourish on many farms, significant numbers of operations function without a…

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