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Accurate Data Is Key to Seed Selection By: 01/30/2015 @ 4:25pm

If you’re a seed variety, you’ve got one season to prove yourself to Bruce Rohwer.“If it doesn’t perform, it’s gone,” says the Paullina, Iowa, farmer…

Top 7 Ways Farmers Use Data By: 02/02/2015 @ 1:35pm

Farmers weigh in on how they use data from their farm.

Get More From Crop Data By: 02/06/2015 @ 1:54pm

For many farmers, precision agriculture has been long on promise but short on results. Slowly but surely, that’s…

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Q & A: Aaron Ault, Open Agriculture Data Alliance By: 12/01/2014 @ 12:14pm

Aaron Ault believes that getting a handle on your data means creating an open-source platform for analysis tools.Like many farmers, you are probably sitting on a pile of data. You know there’s value, yet…

Decisions from Yield Data By: 08/08/2014 @ 3:48pm

You probably use your yield monitor data differently than your neighbor. For Jim Braddock, there are two areas he focuses on: evaluating hybrids and managing zones.• Evaluating hybrids. “I split my 16-row…

Setting Up Your Own Wireless Network By: 08/08/2014 @ 11:00am

If the two-way radio was all you ever needed for farm communication, then it may be time to think about setting up a wireless equivalent – with a sensor at the other end rather than a family member or…

Soil nutrients By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

47% optimize soil nutrient levels.

Minimize inputs By: 12/31/1969 @ 11:00pm

45% minimize input costs.

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