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App Tracks Land Characteristics By: 10/16/2014 @ 4:15pm

The land-management app from Wolf-GIS lets you quickly and accurately measure, upload, and download detailed information about an area of land. “This app brings GIS…

Apple’s iWatch Right Around the Corner? By: 08/04/2014 @ 2:41pm

Technology is a huge ally on the farm, whether that may be a smartphone, smart watch, or even the to be released Google…

Boundary Creation App: Sirrus By: 07/01/2014 @ 9:33am

Oklahoma State University nutrient management specialist Brian Arnall has become an authority on agricultural…

Communication Technologies By: 07/01/2014 @ 9:20am

Remember a time before the Internet?  Before smartphones, smart buildings, smart cars, and smart TVs? To say that this time was completely different is both a silly overstatement and a gross…

Wearable Tech Lends An Extra Hand By: 05/29/2014 @ 11:20am

Sometimes we need an extra hand (or two) out on the farm or in the field. Dealing with clients or trying to fix a mechanical issue on the phone takes away yet another limb. In the next few years, this will no…

The Latest in Wearable Tech By: 05/09/2014 @ 9:00am

Check out the some of the latest innovations in wearable technology

How to Find Ag Apps By: 04/02/2014 @ 11:03am

Brian Arnall had no idea what he was getting into last summer when he was asked to speak at a conference about smartphone apps for agriculture. The precision nutrient management specialist at Oklahoma State…

Agronomic smartphone apps By: 03/06/2014 @ 2:00pm

Want to keep up with smartphone apps that aid you in crop production? Here are favorites apps in five categories that Brian Arnall, an Oklahoma State University (OSU) precision nutrient management specialist…

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