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Successful Farming TV: Multi-Hybrid Planting

Explore the latest in planting technology (Show 1009)

You don't want to miss this week's episode of Successful Farming Television  (Thursday 9/8c on RFD-TV)!

How do you choose a seed variety? Do you pick a work-horse seed that will give you reliable yields even if conditions aren't optimal, or do you choose a race-horse that could take full advantage of good weather and better soils?  What about fields that have some areas better suited for one hybrid and other areas where a different hybrid would be best? Advanced Technology Editor Laurie Bedord looks at the newest advances in multi-hybrid planters that enable planting two different varieties in the same field at the same time. Tune in to see if it could work on your farm.

After that, Machinery & Technology Executive Editor Dave Mowitz visits with Case IH to find out what dealers are asking for Steiger tractors.

Then, we travel to Michigan to see a custom-built extra large skid-steer scoop in this episode's All Around the Farm segment.

Finally, it's Ageless Iron, and a restored Cockshutt plow that's part of the Yoder, Indiana, collection of Allen Adams.

Don’t miss this great episode of Successful Farming Television, airing the first time tonight, March 16. Check your local listings to find RFD-TV in your area.

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