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Ag Leader Hydraulic Down Force

Welcome back and machine show joining us talk about the latest advance in cool tools. Keeping up with what's happening in the field is so critical specially when you're talking about planting. Lori recently caught up with ankle leaders will cannon talk about downforce. And a new product they're



Laurie examines the Cornrower, a combine attachment that prepares corn stover for easier baling. From Machinery Show #607



Laurie talks to the creator of the "Y-Drop" fertilizer applicator. From Machinery Show #602



In. Welcome back to machine your shelves joins us to talk about a great farmer invention that's not only good for removing snow. But also can be used for myriad of other chores around the farm Laurie tell us about the tells group. Early 1 winner morning Indiana farmer Tom Miller was heading out to


Christmas gift giving guide

Dave Mowitz and Laurie Bedord host the annual Machinery Show Christmas Special. Tons of great gift ideas for farmers and ranchers.


Radiator Genie

Laurie Bedord describes the Radiator Genie to Dave Mowitz on this 'Cool Tools' segment from the November 22, 2012 episode of the Machinery Show.



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