Rough corn, soybean conditions

Tour: Rough corn, soybean conditions

Kyle Tapley of MDA EarthSat Weather talks about the corn and soybean crop conditions he's seen during the group's July Crop Tour through the Corn Belt.

Start off in Columbus, Ohio on Monday and we've moved through Indiana, Eastern Illinois and today, we just headed out of Bloomington and we'll be moving through the Western half of Illinois into Eastern Iowa throughout the course of today. So far what we've seen, Ohio, the corn crop looked a bit worse than I was expecting. When we moved into Indiana, the eastern half of the state was in certainly better shape than the western half of the state. And then, Eastern Illinois, there's a lot of variability but overall, the corn crop was in pretty bad shape as I think most people would be expecting. As far as the soy beans are concerned, I would say, in most areas the crop was a little bit better than I was expecting. [unk] like Western Indiana in particular though, I did see some issues. A little bit worse than I was expecting [unk]. But overall, [unk] the corn's bad, everyone knows that.