combine check

Pre-harvest combine check

Dave discusses a pre-harvest check-up for your machinery with combine maintenance expert, Earl Knuth. From Machinery Show #322.

[unk] say that "the component farmers most often overlook and their preseason inspection of combines is the feeder house." -I believe it is Dave, the feeder house is the most important part of your combine when your crop is coming in. The way in which the crop is brought in the machine is the way in which it will go through the machine, and also come out of the machine. -What would be the key inspection points in the feeder house that guys should pay attention to? -Probably the two most important things are your conveyor chain itself, and your drum. The conveyor chain itself, you wanna make sure that you check it very carefully so that you don't end up with any bent slats like this. -That's-- I'd say that's bent. -The thing that that will do is it will let your crop feed unevenly. But it will also pull your chain sideways. And that's very important as far as the wear of your chain and your [unk] -So you're getting [unk] action off the chain then. -Yes, yes.