Laurie examines the Cornrower, a combine attachment that prepares corn stover for easier baling. From Machinery Show #607

Welcome back to the show Laurie joins us now to talk about an idea which like many products was driven by customer demand. When just streeters customers kept telling him they were tearing up their hate tools trying to harvest over he knew there had to be a better way. The inventor who works at new Holland Rochester and Rochester Indiana shared with me the problems his customers were running into you. And how the corn -- became their solutions. The idea for a corner came about because for a long time -- customers have been here have their age tools trying to ours over. Sometimes they're trying to -- -- sometimes it was permitting Baghdad did much mattered a target Iraq's in the wind wrote in the dirt. And outburst car's -- is a heck of a lot stronger then say a double is so. Dictator -- out there their discord conditioners and -- we sell a lot of parchment that it just wasn't working very well. And in -- came out with this rotary shopping cornyn and then there's a couple of other models on the market but that policy. First experience -- directly with the chopping -- and and occurred to me that somehow because we're already chopping it up with a corn and we ought to be able harvest is over right at that spot got to thinking about how we might do that. Take -- year after just thinking about it before I decided that disparities on about it and started out with an idea that had -- well -- make a prototype housing and -- that is -- know where's near rather than as a round and it was driven by the same -- there's not much else says the same. As what we have today that that's where it all started that's why we did it. -- the time it took -- to come up with the idea. And the various prototypes he continually fine tune. Has definitely worked out of favor for farmers I understand the concept is a simple one. It is -- Everyone knows how long were works and how it kicks the grass out this guide. -- news is that comparison to explain how the core of our chops the Stover as is delivered to the wind around. Saying went along where this storm grass out this -- is some people recognize well that's what really happens here there's like a single into bomb or rotary knife underneath the -- rules. It blasts the stuff through a tunnel that's all controlled and it's all contain. That blast through a tunnel onto conveyor that's right behind that horn hit in the head in the drive cars that -- mind. Here's an -- there that bands -- material and directs it toward the center of the -- underneath the your house -- cover on it can -- helped keep everything contained yet you take advantage of the air flow and in the physical -- momentum of this over. And -- comes out of the with some authority and odd it is though the cornea down. They can -- carried more as deputy speeded up in the air float carries more of the material. And that forms a -- grow underneath the -- house. -- then disable the job front of activity of the com mine and this talks at land. From the Clark head or -- and covered with the shocks in the Cobb that the -- mine puts out the back in. Gloria what equipment -- this attachment -- paired with. And what sizes are available. This attachment fits easily on a new Holland 99 -- chopping -- head. As well as new Holland -- air confines equipped with a high speed hatter drag. It's also been designed to work on case IH 7008000. Series confines. It's available in an eight and twelve -- unit and straighter tells me the price for the eight -- will start around 26000. And about 36000 for the twelve per unit. Thanks for those four -- you can learn more about foreign or by visiting -- -- -- dot com. -- --