Proman PTO

Laurie checks out the ProManPTO to run a wide assortment of PTO powered tools on your ATV. From Machinery Show #608, originally aired Jan. 24, 2013.

-All terrain and utility train vehicles have become staples around the farm. With an attachment or two, they are transformed into multi-purpose machines. This next Cool Tool makes your workhorse even more versatile. Laurie joins me to tell us more. -ProManPTO is a hydraulic power take-off that can be added to your ATV or UTV to transform it into a mobile hydraulic platform. We caught up with inventor Kirk Jones who tells us more about his creation. -ProManPTO is a hydraulic power take-off that bolts on to standard ATVs and UTVs that just changes your vehicle, your side-by-side, or your 4-wheeler into a mobile hydraulic platform to run on a complete family of hydraulically-driven implements. -Laurie, what a great idea. I understand the system which can be installed in about 30 minutes, includes not only a fully assembled hydraulic PTO, but a small parts box, a parts manual, as well as an instructional DVD. But I also understand there's a nice feature that the company has included in the ProManPTO. What would that be? -One of the interesting things that came out of the company's years of development is a solution for the chaff build-up common when mowing in dry areas. Jones tells what they incorporated into the idea to virtually eliminate this problem. -One of the interesting things that came out of our years of development is a solution for the chaff build-up that we kept experiencing doing dry area mowing. We ended up creating an inline plug-in fan reverser for your DC fan. And what it did is just solve the issue of that chaff that slowly builds up and causes you to stop, wait for cooling, cleaning a radiator. You can continuously keep mowing because it's pre-programmed to reverse your fan, then it'll slow down and then go forward for a regular cooling for an extended period and then repeat the cycle and you never have to think about it or deal with it. And it extends your-- between maintenance of your radiator, for us, it's been months versus daily. -Laurie, what sized machines is this recommended for and how much can viewers expect to pay for it? -Jones told me, the target for this system is machines that are 500 cc and up. And it currently fits a wide variety of ATVs and UTVs, and the list continues to grow. The cost of the system for an ATV is $2,500 and the UTV is about $500 more. But Dave, we can't leave without letting Jones tell us about the numerous implements, which are proprietary, that are available for this system. -The current implements that we offer is a Rough Cut Style Mower with the swing blades. We offer Finish Decks in 60-inch and 48-inch. We offer a really high-powered Leaf and Debris Blower. We have a Auger, a Snow Thrower in the works right now. And those are gonna be pretty much a never-ending supply. The ideas that keep coming in from end-users is amazing. -Investing in the ProManPTO could be a solution to help you stay ahead of the game. To learn more visit