Deere S670 combine

John Deere S670 combine

Innovations Editor, Jessie Scott speaks to Emily Priebe about the S670 combine at the 2013 AgConnect Expo. From Machinery Show #619, originally aired February 28, 2013.

-We're here at John Deere to take a look at the new S670 Combine and [unk] is with us to talk about the Combine's increased productivity. -Well, we're very excited to launch the S Series Combines because of the additional productivity that they provide customers. Across the model lineup, we have a higher horsepower range with the nine liters and the thirteen five-liter engine that helps all those customers. We also have a larger grain tank, additional capacity with the [unk] equipment we provide. Today, we're showcasing the forty-foot flex draper as the lowest cutting height in the industry as well as great draper technology in feeding in that machine. And you can see it-- with the S Series machine, we have a brand new cab as well as larger drain tanks to meet the capacity that customers need.