Students Learn about Personal Protection

Ag Students Learn about Personal Protection

AG 450 Farm at Iowa State

My name is Dustin Perry, I am from Texas. Been in Iowa now or couple years of pursuing my Ph. D. in agriculture education. Been assigned to the -- 450 class that years since and appears so I guess this is mine this course. So that gets -- classes the capstone course for the agriculture studies students here I was state. And the way it operates is it's a farm management and operation course those students here get the opportunity to. Actually apply all the knowledge they have. Us or at least they're supposed to -- obtained by this point through their undergraduate course of their all the technical information now. -- we get to come here and a capstone experience really get to apply that and make all the decision making. Today and working with Iowa State University 450 Farm students. And that I'm -- I've been working together since last fall. Well we're doing is encouraging these students to learn more about agricultural personal protective equipment. On safety and how off her getting the opportunity to learn about some of there possible. What other things that they can do to choose -- we know they have a lot of choices how can they protect himself out there whether it's respirators that the proper use of gloves. The properties of hearing protection. Another agriculture has a lot of different types of a passer it's. If so what we need to do is to become more aware of what their pastors are really what happened to protect themselves and make good choices. My master's thesis was on safety so I have a personal interest in safety I looked at it in high school -- -- shops in Texas and so. When I came here are kind of wanted to bring some health aspect back you know we always. Always mentioning class but we've paired up with certified safe farm and Agrisafe network to try to get an extra emphasis on that. This is Carolyn Sheridan's second time to be out here. I'm registered nurse from Spencer Iowa and I've been with Agrisafe networks that says sounds existence in 1990. In the words -- we're all about is assisting health professionals understand about agriculture. There risks how -- but mostly health. It's so we do is we try to educate health professionals I also educate farmers. Their families about how to stay healthy and safe. To do is turning to figure out what kind of mask that this guy needs right -- based on several things. What is exposures are. What he likes to Wear. But we're gonna get in a mask -- here -- right. I'll be keeping -- so we need to know we know we need to make sure we're filtering the respirable dust including mold. It does is almost all asks made today to ask the -- in ninety -- They'll protect you from world. So the -- for fifty farm here that we're at today is it's a class that seniors and agricultural studies takes. We all have to take it in order to graduate in in the spring -- fall. Depending on when your graduation natives and class today we had them. The gal here and she spoke to us about -- personal protective equipment to -- And also she spoke with us about respirators and different different devices to use in different situations -- where you could be in touch with chemicals that are potent. And hard on your lungs and respiratory system as well as dust some that maybe I wasn't aware over some of the the more complex respirators filters on them I'm just used to -- to strap. White mask that. I Wear what I'm scooping a grain bin or in the hog buildings at home but after seeing some of those today. I'm definitely gonna look in the some. For a different uses on my own farm with my grandfather my dad at home to look into. Maybe using stuff like that in the near future. We need to know our own proper safety risk so we can make wise choices so I'm not here to lecture you about what you should and shouldn't do I'm here to give the information. You when you leave here today can choose to do what you want with that information but hopefully he'll decide to take some of -- with you and maybe make some smarter choices.