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Efficiency on the Farm 7

Computer dashboards can improve efficiency

Welcome to this week's Efficiency on the Farm segment. I'm Justin Davy. And a recent article, Successful Farming editor, Dan Looker, reported how incorporating computer dashboards into your business can improve efficiency. Dashboards are computer programs that do calculations in the background to distill data in the grass. Key performance indicators aren't just financials as Barry Dunn, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University. Dunn has worked with ranches that highlight cow pregnancy rates, calf weaning weights and rates and inventory over time. Financials might include cost of each calf produced, total annual cost per cow and net income per cow. For [unk] producers, dashboards may show bushels per acre, cost weights, cost per acre, cost per bushel and profitability per acre. Read more about gaining efficiency on the farm in Successful Farming Magazine at our website, See you next time.