seed corn supplies

2013 seed corn supplies

John Fietsam, DeKalb product manager, discusses seed corn supplies for 2013 with's Gil Gullickson.

Jack, did you tell me about how the seats apply situation is looking for [unk] central brands in 2013? -Yeah, sure Bill, so across our brand we feel very confident to [unk] the supply of [unk] to meet the demand of our customers. Now, we know in 2012 certainly didn't come without challenges at the farm level within [unk] from the ground and it certainly didn't come without some challenges in our own production but, you know, we spread that production across the U.S. to [unk]. We spread individual products across multiple locations and we also [unk] for that with [unk] production. As we're sorting through the pile, we still feel very confident that we'll be able to meet the needs of our customers.