tips: Seeds

Planter tips: Seeds

Kevin Kimberley talks about different seed shapes and sizes and the importance of proper calibration of seed meters. From Machinery Show #320.

-You know, Kevin, we've seen a lot of different meters come out in the market, but that's not the only thing that's changed. It used to be seed versus seed. It used to be just rounds or flats. Wow. The last decade has seemed changed in that regard, hasn't it? -Yeah, sure, has. You know, 2000, we saw change and I was doing a lot of plantability these days for St. John at that time and I was seeing a big difference. In 2003 hit, we do corn meters all across United States, right? So we have Nike region, Pioneer, [unk] every company areas. We have every company's corn here at this place and as you will know from CM, we've got over 100 bags. We bag every customer's corn to show the difference. And today, 2003 hit, we have wedges, canoes and torpedoes and planability became tougher. And what you thought, you knew, you had to read, write the book again. -I got to ask. What's the difference? -Well, we used to have flats and rounds and now, today, if you look at these kernels right here, these ones are real little flat guy. -Yeah. -And you see that canoe on the tip? -Yeah. -He gets stuck in that hole on a vacuum meter. You can have another one stuck beside him and he's harder to [unk] and you have these wedges and then you have a round like this one here is a round and you have all these different kernel sizes to compare-- to compete with each other over each hole or a finger. You'll find some seed that will be very sleek, plant very well. You'll find other seed that will be very rough or gritty. We have to put like on a fair for instance. This is how much we block this corn to make it plant right-- -Yeah. -with graphite. -With graphite. -And on vacuums, the white even were used in 8020 to help graphite mix. -Uh huh. -We get from precision planning or easy slide 1 or 2. -Right. -And so we treat this to make it sleek again so that the old [unk] corn treatment will sleek. -Uh huh. -Everything [unk] a plant sexy. -Yeah. -Now, we got rough seed again. So what we do was making it sleek again. -We're putting thousands of dollars in the seed meters, thousands of dollars in the seed, and absolutely it's a must. They have to be calibrated before it goes to the field. -Right. You should take this to your corn dealer, your implement dealer, whoever you're working with. -Right. -And that-- And somebody that knows what they're knowing, not to me not to sound bad. -Right. -But, there's lots of people who set meters at [unk]. -Right. Here's the deal Kevin. We can talk about planters all day long. We haven't any new scratch to the surface if your knowledge is accumulated over the years, but we got to wrap it up.