Plains Nutri-Pro 3000

Great Plains Nutri-Pro 3000

Greg Arnett from Great Plains, introduces a new anhydrous coulter blade for precise, high-speed anhydrous ammonia placement with minimal ground disturbance. Jessie Scott reports.

I'm Jessie Scott innovations editor for agriculture dot com. I went to great plains new product event where the company introduced the nature pro high speed and Anderson -- applicator. Attaching greater -- about the benefits of faster application. And applying in the spring vs applying in the fall. The benefits of the high speed Coulter her of course in the name itself high speed. You can you can go a lot faster with the -- disturbance on this culture. If you look at the Coulter units were able to go eight and a half miles an hour. And -- very get go giving the product down and keeping it in the ground and sealing it and keeping it there. If you take a typical -- unit within -- If you get to five -- married -- getting a lot of blow -- You start having a lot of troubles with you can't closes behind the shank he can't seal it because you blow out too much better. Those big cold thirty unit the -- lot faster more field efficiency you more acres done in the day. You can use it in the fall or the spraying though one of great benefits of this year and it is that it slowed disturbance so you can go in the spring. And be very. Short in front of your planning when so. Two weeks before you plan you can be out there run in this thing Clinton and -- first day out you're not turn -- field you don't have the disturbance that you get from a fan actually you -- had to come back in until it closed. Whereas with a shank unit normally they're going to run in the fall. And one of the big reasons for burning in the fall is that is that shank pass time de Melo back down -- and the weather back in the condition -- -- implant was now having. The deal with -- all of the tracks and jokes and everything from the -- This year and is allowing us to keep -- higher percentage of the ammonia. In the field and so you can apply a rate that is a much closer to what you actually want to end up with four year crop to use. If you go in the field in the fall with a shake you lose half of it over the winner. Whereas you become in with this thing two weeks before you plant. You can improve on pretty much exactly the -- you need -- and you're not gonna lose that ammonia so you can be a lot more precise from that perspective.