Last week, US corn harvested rose 8% to 18% and US soybean harvested rose 14% to 21%. Due to some rainfall, corn harvested should rise 5-8% and soybean harvested should rise 11-14%. There was a widespread area of up to .5+ inch rain in southwestern Asian Russia and eastern European Russia on Saturday. Also, up to .4+ inches of rain fell in Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, and Paraguay on Saturday.

This is a weekend weather overview: For the Midwest: Saturday, rain affected IN, MI, OH, and a few parts of far eastern IL. Coverage was over 70%, and most rainfall totals stayed under .25 inches. Highs were in the upper 40's far east to 60's. Today, (October 4), conditions were mostly dry, with spotty showers affecting far southwestern MN near the SD border. Coverage was less than 5% with rain totals under .1 inches. Highs mainly reached the 50's, with 60's to mid 70's east to south-central.

For the Southeast: Saturday, there was 40-60% coverage of rain in AL and GA, with up to .3 inches in most spots, although far northeastern GA received up to 2+ inches of rain. NC and SC saw over 90% coverage of rain. NC and northern SC saw up to 1 inch of rain, while southern/central SC saw 1-6+ inches of rain, with Charleston receiving 9.1 inches of rain. Highs reached the upper 50's to mid 80's. Today, most of the region has been dry, but rain continued in over 75% of SC, with total rainfall at 1-3+ inches and locally heavier totals likely. Also, far southeastern NC and GA have seen rainfall, with coverage over 80% in far southeastern GA and under 25% in GA. Rainfall totals reached up to .25+ inches in GA and up to 1+ inches in far southeastern NC. Highs reached the 60's to mid 70's. Charleston has received 13.46 inches of rain since Friday afternoon. There are flash flood warnings along the far southern NC coast and along all but the far southern SC coast. There are coastal statements on the southern SC and GA coasts. There are many flood warnings/watches in far northeastern GA, southern NC, and in all but far southeastern SC.

For the Plains: Saturday, eastern MT, western/central ND, SD, northwestern/central KS, eastern CO, western/central OK, the TX Panhandle, and all but far eastern NE received rainfall. Most totals were up to .6 inches, with total coverage of 50-70%. Highs were in the mid 40's to mid 60's in the Northern Plains and the mid 50's to 80's in the Southern Plains. Today, isolated showers affected the OK/TX Panhandles, far northern KS, far eastern CO, eastern NE, eastern SD, eastern/central ND, far northwestern MN, and northeastern MT. Total coverage was less than 15%, except 20-40% in the TX/OK Panhandles. Total rainfall was mainly up to .1+ inches, except up to .25+ inches in the TX/OK Panhandles. Highs reached the mid 40's to 50's in the Northern Plains and the mid 50's northwest to low 80's in the Southern Plains.

For the Northeast: Highs reached the mid to upper 50's Saturday and the mid 50's to mid 60's today. New York City reached highs of 56 Saturday and 63 today.

Check farther down this page below the morning audio and above the comments for a 4 panel image of predicted South American precipitation.

In the 10 day forecast box just below the 4 panel US precipitation forecast images, type your zipcode in the 'Zip Code' box for your local weather.

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Looking forward to next week's report 04/11/2014 @ 8:39am These probabilities are new to me. Why does the soybean yield forecast seem less impacted by El Nino? Prices aren't going to like a big production year, though.

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Days are getting shorter 06/24/2013 @ 7:50am The heat has been good for the crops this past week and I was hoping it would continue for a while. Your projected cool down and the days getting shorter concerns me. A lot of late planted beans. A frost in the first half of September would be very bad. Nice rain last night west of Des Moines. Wind

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Colombia 10/17/2012 @ 12:29pm According to the weather report vides us now Colombia despite its diverse climate predominates the winter in all regions, so it is important to be alert to any emergency

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