EVENING WEATHER UPDATE - 4:30 PM CDT Monday, September 29, 2014

MIDWEST U.S. - The latest crop progress report shows no changes in the corn crop condition from last week with 7% poor or very poor, 19% fair, and 74% good or excellent. For corn dented, 96% is now dented up from 90% last week and close to the 5 year of average of 97%. 60% of the corn crop is now mature which is a good increase from 42% last week but still lagging from the 5 year average of 70%. For harvesting, 12% is now harvested compared to 7% last week, but somewhat below the 5 year average of 23%. For soybeans, a slight improvement from last week with 6% poor or very poor, 22% fair, and 72% good or excellent. Today was mainly dry across the region with a few spotty showers falling in northwest and north-central areas. Highs today were in the upper 70's to mid 80's in much of the region, but the far northwest cooled to the 60's. The latest European model looks similar to the past run except the latest run is a little slower in warming back to seasonal levels early to mid next week after the late week/weekend cool down.

MIDWEST 1 to 5 day - Much of the region will be dry tomorrow with a few scattered showers northeast and some showers moving into the far west in the afternoon. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will fall in the west half Tuesday night into early Thursday and Thursday into Friday east with most rain amounts of .50-1.00". The weekend looks dry. Highs will be mostly 70's and a few low 80's the next couple days, some 60's far north and northeast tomorrow. Cooler later this week with highs by Friday mostly upper 50's and 60's, some low 70's far southeast.

MIDWEST 6 to 10 day - Below normal temps northeast half and mostly near normal elsewhere, above normal temps southwest fringes. Mostly below normal rainfall during this time with near normal rain far northeast. There may be some lows Saturday morning around 32 in the northwest and north-central Cornbelt and low to mid 30's Sunday morning in the northeast.

MIDWEST 11 to 15 day - Mostly near to above normal temps with below normal far northwest. Near to above normal rainfall at this time.


PLAINS WEATHER - Spotty showers fell in northwest areas of the Southern Plains and western sections of the Northern Plains today. Highs in the Southern Plains were mostly upper 70's and 80's, a little cooler far northwest. The Northern Plains were much cooler with highs in the upper 40's and 50's northwest half and 50's and 60's southeast. For the Southern Plains, increasingly unsettled for tomorrow through mid week with scattered showers and thunderstorms, but less coverage in the southwest portion. The heaviest rainfall will be in the north and east with .50-1.00" totals and lesser amount elsewhere, around .10-.50". Highs will be in the 70's and 80's tomorrow and Wednesday, except 60's north portion on Wednesday. Highs will be in the 60's and 70's later in the week then warming back to the 70's and 80's this weekend. For the 6-10 day outlook, above normal temps with below normal rainfall. The Northern Plains will have more widespread showers the next couple days then a few widely scattered showers Thursday and Friday from a weaker system. Highs will be mostly 50's and 60's through mid week, some low 70's far southeast. Cooling to mostly 50's by Friday.

Wayne Ellis / Meteorologist

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Looking forward to next week's report 04/11/2014 @ 8:39am These probabilities are new to me. Why does the soybean yield forecast seem less impacted by El Nino? Prices aren't going to like a big production year, though.

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Days are getting shorter 06/24/2013 @ 7:50am The heat has been good for the crops this past week and I was hoping it would continue for a while. Your projected cool down and the days getting shorter concerns me. A lot of late planted beans. A frost in the first half of September would be very bad. Nice rain last night west of Des Moines. Wind

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