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Click on commodity to view all contracts. Data displayed for corn, soybeans, and wheat is for the nearby crop.
Lean Hogs86.000s1.70084.80086.30084.02519,37802/02
Lean Hogs - Apr2386.000s1.70084.80086.30084.02519,37802/02
CME Cotton #20.864s0.0080.8640.8640.864002/02
CME Cotton #2 - Mar230.864s0.0080.8640.8640.864002/02
Live Cattle163.825s1.600162.225163.925162.22526,58902/02
Live Cattle - Apr23163.825s1.600162.225163.925162.22526,58902/02
Corn            Mar23674-0-1-2674-2674-6673-06,08602/03
Soybean      Mar231532.250-2.0001533.5001533.5001525.0006,98902/03
Wheat          Mar23758-0-3-0759-6761-2756-21,74202/03

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