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Don’t Sleep on Waterhemp

Palmer amaranth is the pigweed species that rightfully earns the most consternation from farmers. But don’t forget that waterhemp can be just as invasive.
A small waterhemp plant.

Crop Rotation Reduces Gas

You can’t see it, but greenhouse gasses might be wafting from your fields. Rotate your crops so they don’t have gas.

Managing Soil Salinity

Too much salt isn’t good for you. It’s not good for your crops, either. The key to soil salinity management is water management.

Making Smart Agronomic Decisions

Were your crops outstanding this year or did they struggle? Either way, making smart agronomic decisions takes an integrated approach.

Irrigation Injection Surfactants

Maximize water management in irrigated crops by using an injected surfactant. It holds onto the water and moves it through the soil.

Controlling Wind Erosion

The finest particles of soil are where the nutrients are held. If you have soil that blows in the wind, you're losing productivity.

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