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Sponsored: Automated Precision Soil Sampler

One factor that farmers consistently believe to be a yield limiting factor is their nutrient management. How can we best determine nutrients needs that are necessary in our fields? One theory has often been that smaller soil sample grids can better determine the nutrients and management necessary for every acre. Farmers usually want to variable rate their fields to start the growing season on a level playing field. By better understanding a field and how soil characteristics are distributed, we can efficiently and correctly manage our crops.

Historically, there are a number of issues associated with traditional soil sampling. While dry conditions can make it difficult to get the probe into the ground leading to inconsistent results, wet conditions can plug the probe which also makes for inaccurate results. 

Beck's Practical Farm Research (PFR)® team decided to put th The Automated Precision Soil Sampler from Integrated Ag Services to the test. After their research determined that sampling on 0.5 acre grids is the most economical approach for farmers, Integrated Ag Services (IAS) has developed an automated Precision Soil Sampler that is designed to sample on 0.5 acre grids. This system has removed the possibility of sampler error as the instrument consistently takes a 30-foot vertical slice to a depth of 7 in. every 150 ft. The question of equipment failure also comes into play. Fortunately, the precision soil sampler has three cameras focused on the equipment which allows the operator to watch the sampler for any errors or malfunctions. This system has soil samples paired with both GPS points and bar codes in order to track samples collected and be more efficient. You can learn more by watching the video below. 


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