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Agronomy Tip: 7-Step Tire Checklist for Best Performance in the Field

Brad Harris, Manager of Global Agricultural Field Engineering at Firestone Ag, shares some key items to check through prior to planting and during the entire growing season.

“A checklist to inspect your tires only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to do,” says Harris. “When you have your equipment in for prep work before the planting season, give the tires a once-over. Check the tread in the sidewall for cuts and tears in the rubber. If you’re only seeing some small cuts and tears (not seeing any of the fabric inside of the tires) those tires are good to ride.”

He continues, “If you’re looking at a tire and there is a lot of stubble damage and you can see some of the fabric inside of that tire, then it's time to replace that product. That fabric is what contains the inflation pressure and you want it to be protected, so once you start seeing that fabric, it needs to be replaced.”

Harris says that throughout the season, keep checking inflation pressure. “Unfortunately, we all get into the routine of putting fuel in the tractor and checking the oil, but we often forget to check the inflation pressure as we're running that equipment throughout the year. Just take the 15 minutes to check the inflation pressure as you fill that tractor up with fuel.”

Check Firestone Ag’s online checklist for more.

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