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AMVAC, BASF collaboration to give farmers new granular soybean inoculant option

Collaboration will develop Rhizo-Flo granular soybean inoculant as part of SIMPAS-applied portfolio.

AMVAC and BASF are collaborating to develop Rhizo-Flo granular soybean inoculant as an addition to the SIMPAS-applied Solutions portfolio.

Rhizo-Flo is a soybean inoculant designed to deliver high concentrations of Bradyrhizobium cells and ultimately improve yields, say company officials.

When Rhizo-Flo inoculant is utilized, the Bradyrhizobium sp. multiplies and penetrates the soybean plant root system to form nodules that allow the soybean plant to fix nitrogen, say company officials. Rhizo-Flo inoculant is another tool farmers have available to achieve yield objectives and improve bottom line results, say company officials.

Rhizo-Flo would join a portfolio of SIMPAS-applied Solutions (SaS), which are products prescriptively applied with patented SmartCartridge container technology and using the SIMPAS application system to address agronomic needs. The SaS portfolio consists of insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, micronutrients, and solutions for soil health and fertilizer efficiency. 

“AMVAC is excited to collaborate with BASF to develop Rhizo-Flo for use as a SIMPAS-applied Solutions that can be applied with the SIMPAS system,” said Jim Lappin, director of SIMPAS portfolio and alliances at AMVAC, in a news release. “SIMPAS gives growers the flexibility to apply exactly what’s prescribed, precisely where it’s needed.”

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